Quiet Time In Brazil

The youth in Brazil have been faithfully attending the global Quiet Times at the Brazil office for the past several years. For one of their recent Quiet Time events, they did a little craft project following QT. Below is the report and some pictures.

Dear Brothers,

There were 33 young brothers and sisters here. It was an incredible day, everywhere we looked we saw the Hand of the Lord caressing His children with tenderness and love that only Father God knows and can give us.

Some who came last month came back and said they cannot stop coming, because the time they had in the presence of the Lord was of great blessings.

You can see from the craft pictures created by the youth that their minds are on the right things.

We thank the Lord for placing this desire to work with young people in the heart of Brother Joseph Branham. We thank Brother Joseph and everyone in the Jeffersonville office who strive for this work to go forward.

God bless you!

Brother Anderson Vieira