Unrest In Venezuela

The quickly declining Venezuelan economy and the resulting unrest among the citizens seems to be reaching a tipping point. Recent protests have turned violent, making many of the population centers very dangerous. Brother Ebrain Tona, VGR distributor in Venezuela, has been keeping us informed about the crisis and asks for the prayers of the saints. Here is his latest report.

Dear friends,

The situation in our country is really chaotic. Barquisimeto is in total chaos and the people are protesting on the streets while the military forces are brutally containing them. Only yesterday and today, they have killed five people in our city. The shops and stores have been sacked, and there is a wave of vandalism unleashed in the city. Insecurity reigns everywhere.

We know of relatives that have had to stay in some areas since they cannot reach their houses. My brother Oswaldo had to stay and hide at the tabernacle since there is no safety or security in the streets right now. The streets and avenues are full of garbage, debris, ashes from burnt tires, cement tubes used as barricades, and trees. The situation is really serious and more actions and confrontations are expected.

We are far from the city but we are concerned about our relatives. Thank God we have been able to contact some of them by telephone and they said they were doing fine.

We have seen the news about other cities and they are in the same situation. It seems that Barquisimeto is one of the cities with the biggest outbursts of violence. Caracas continues with protests and manifestations every day. The government insists in their ideas and pretensions for the country. Just recently, we heard that part of the police force wants to act against the government.

A curfew starts today, so nobody can be at the streets at a certain time in the evening. We are living difficult times here and we hope this is over soon.

We really covet your prayers for us at this time. Much of the people are suffering.

God bless you!

Brother Ebrain