Kenya Agapao Tablet Distribution Pt 1

The much-anticipated Kenya Agapao Tablet distribution has begun! Brother John Kamwati, Brother Edwin Maturwe and the Kenya team have not wasted any time since the tablets arrived, and they are now on the missionary trail. The following is their first report, where the team began distribution in a small town north of Nairobi.

We thank the Lord for giving us a successful mission on Friday. We were able to start with this smaller distribution in preparation for the larger allotments waiting for down the road.

It was a learning experience, especially this being a bit different from the one we were doing on microSD card distribution.

The believers were very excited and impressed to see what VGR is doing. Some believers really got a great picture of what VGR is, and what we do, and the vision that Brother Joseph has of giving the Bride of Christ EVERYTHING. The slide shows did the speaking for us, and it was amazing.

At Kirwara Church

We started our trip at around 8:30 AM and proceeded to Kirwara, which is around 30 minutes journey. The meeting here was expected to start at 10:00 AM. We arrived at 09:30 AM. The meeting started at 10:10 AM and we started with the presentation and order of service, and then distributed the Agapao Tablets.

At Kinyora/Gacharage Church

This place is 40km from Kirwara, where we distributed more Agapao Tablets.

Thank you very much and God richly Bless you all.

Bro. Edwin

In all, the team gave out 11 Agapao Tablets on day one. Brother John and Brother Edwin’s report of the next day will post in the days to come.