Kenya Agapao Tablet Distribution Pt 4

We pick up with the Kenyan team on day four of what would be nine total days on the distribution trail. In all, the team distributed Message material to 352 families, many of which are now listening to the Voice of God’s prophet for the very first time.

Our day four stop was at Kenol Church. This was one of the busiest days because we were to have two churches meeting here: Kenol Church and Kimachu Church.

We usually have three sessions/parts in our presentation to the people.

  1. Slide show presentation - We work together as a team in presenting about branham.org, translation work, and more. Also we always make sure to inform them about VGR WhatsApp and encourage them to listen to the tapes and The Voice Radio on the Lifeline app.
  2. Tablet Distribution - This we still do together with the help of the volunteers.
  3. Training Sessions - During our training sessions at Kenol Church, we were privileged to have some local volunteers who really played a big part in helping us during training.

We started our journey from the hotel at exactly 7:30 AM and we headed to the venue, arriving 50 minutes later. We arrived early since the meeting was supposed to start at 10:00 AM.

We set up our equipment and then we had to wait for the people to arrive, and then we began our presentation at around 10:00 AM.

We served two churches from here.

  • Kenol Church - Distributed 55 Tablets
  • Kimaachu Church - Distributed 10 Tablets


God Bless you Brothers.

To this point, the brothers had distributed 178 Agapao Tablets to 8 churches through 4 days. They went on to distribute 174 tablets to 13 churches over the remaining 5 days of this trip, bringing to a total of 352 tablets in 9 days.

The Lord was truly gracious as He gave them a wonderful time of fellowship with a portion of God’s children in Muranga County. It was certainly a display of Agapao Love.

Our brothers and sisters there seemed especially touched when they would see on their tablet that it had been sponsored by a fellow member of the Bride. They were truly thankful to receive a device, free of charge, that has ALL available sermons of Brother Branham on it. Many had never audibly heard God’s Voice to us in this last age. They expressed their appreciation for the sacrifice made by those who have made this possible and will be in prayer for each one.