The Love Of God

This brother’s inspiring testimony shows us that we should never count anyone out, no matter how bad things may look. God has His hand on His children, “and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

Brother Freitas was tired of his old ways. When he decided to make a change, he found that not only did the Lord deliver him from his vices, but He also gave him a precious community of Godly friends who accepted him with open arms.

Today is my birthday (July 9th), and when I read the website, it reminded me of how much God has changed my life. He has given me great friends, the best that anyone can wish for, and He has given me a beautiful family.

Before I was in this Message, to look at my past, the change that God made in me is like someone saying “changed from water to wine.” I drank daily, smoked other chemicals, lived on the streets, and had no respect for my family. I believed even my mother should think, "I made a mistake in my son's upbringing" because I only brought problems. I heard my mother saying to her children, "Don't fellowship with him," because I wasn't a good influence.

I started to want to change, and I knew that this change was in Christ Jesus. I knew I needed to get to Him. I wanted to drop my vices so I could go to Him, but this was a very difficult fight. A brother came and invited me to church, and I answered, "One day I'm going to go to church, but I drink my beer, you know?"

I started to reduce my cigarettes. I wanted to quit; I spent a lot of money on drinking and smoking, and my health was beginning to weaken. Sometimes I quit for a few months, but it was a constant struggle within myself. The thoughts to drink and smoke were constantly disturbing me. Years passed, and I realized that my body was addicted and I wasn’t going to make it. Until one day I made a decision, the best of my life: I'm going back to church! I talked to my wife, and I told her that God sent a prophet to this age according to the promises of God in Malachi 4:5-6. She said, "That's what I need, and I'm going with you." We both wept right there.

She changed her clothes, threw away her pants and indecent blouses, and didn't cut her hair anymore. From that moment we made this decision to follow Jesus Christ. I said, “I'll continue on this path, and I'll drop the vices little by little.” But the moment I said, “I’ll follow You, Lord” the desire to drink or smoke disappeared. My depressing problems went away.

God-given friends

My wife was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and I repented of my sins and received the Holy Spirit into my life. We have our problems and struggles but nothing compared to our joy and joy of being in this Word. God showed me that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I now share the tapes of the prophet with others, and listening to those tapes has brought me many friends in many places. I have the best friends that someone would want. I remembered Brother Branham said that his family (Branhams) were not well regarded, because they were drunks. He said they did not fellowship with him because he was a Branham, and because of this, he had no friends in his childhood. But then God gave him many friends around the world.

I’m grateful to God for this Message, and when we have that experience with Him, nothing can change us or say the opposite. He is life!

God bless you,

Brother Billy Paul Freitas


Brother Billy Paul Freitas and family

Thank you for sharing your testimony, Brother Billy. We also want to recognize your Godly wife, who so-willingly gave her heart to the Lord Jesus and forsook all that the world had to offer. You’re both heroes in our eyes!