Zambia Youth Convention

On Friday June 28 to Tuesday July 2, the 2019 Zambia National Youth Convention was held at the Lusaka West Boarding School, situated 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) west of the current VGR office.

VGR was invited to attend the convention and was given a window of opportunity to place the Message of the hour before the youth of Zambia. The Seed was sown, and below is the report from our Lusaka office manager, Brother Maurice Phiri.

The Young Foundations slot was on Monday July 1, which was on Heroes and Unity Day, a public holiday in Zambia.

The Young Foundations program commenced at around 10 a.m. Brother Maurice gave the introductory remarks in which he talked about the tape ministry, and he mentioned the importance of listening to the Voice of Malachi 4, because he is the only person to be vindicated by the pillar of fire. In addition, he read the following quotation from the message 62-1111E "Why I’m Against Organized Religion":

Notice, this angel is the last messenger before the coming of Christ in the 19th chapter of Revelation. The messenger’s Voice! If we notice, when he gave his Voice on the earth, there was a Voice echoed again in Heaven, 4th verse, if you want to read it, all right, 4th verse, the 19th chapter. This messenger on the earth was so inclined with God until, when he spoke it on the earth, God echoed the same thing out of Heaven. What is that 4th-verse translation? What does it mean? God’s Voice speaking to His predestinated people, saying, “Come out of her!” Just exactly what the Voice was! He’s got people all out in there, all out through Babylon. “Come out of her, that you be not partakers of her sins,” yes, sir, out of that dogma and creeds, to the Word made Spirit and Life. Amen.

After the introductory remarks, Brother Branham was welcomed to the pulpit via a one hour and three minutes long message, 60-0402 Believest Thou This? The audio source of the message was a Hero Tablet that was fed into the sound system.

The service started as usual, people responding here and there—but by the end of the service, the place was charged with the presence of God. Almost everyone, if not all, were on their feet! It was a life changing atmosphere. It was a vindication that the God of Brother Branham is still the same as he was during the time of our prophet!

The sermon brought a change and a refocus in the life of a youth. During the service, it brought an inner realization, a deeper call, that God wanted the youth to live a life completely surrendered to Him.

We are thankful to God for directing and guiding us to the perfect message for this group of young believers. God, who is rich in mercy, made everything a success. Even after the tape service, we had an hour of Quiet Time, which was an added blessing!

For both the tape service and Quiet Time, about 350 people from different parts of Zambia and other countries attended. We would like to thank VGR for the difficult and wonderful job they do in making sure that the Voice of Malachi 4 is heard everywhere. May God richly reward you for your tireless work!

Zambia Office