A Willing Heart And A Helping Hand

The Word teaches us to be alert, watching and ready, because when we least expect it our faith may be called into action.

That’s exactly what happened on a summer day in May of this year. A day of fishing at a local lake here in southern Indiana, turned into a moment of life and death for a young girl. It’s a day that our Brother Gene Toy (VGR employee) will never forget.

A young girl is alive today because Brother Gene put his faith into action. We aren’t sure who the girl is, where she's from, or even if she realized what God did for her that afternoon, but one thing is for sure, He did it for a reason that we will understand either on this earth or in Eternity. Be ready today, this week, this year to put your faith in action, it will come when you least expect it.

Brother Gene is a hero both for his bravery and for his service to the Bride of Christ. He has been with us at VGR for over 30 years, faithfully serving at his post of duty for all that time. Brother Gene retired on July 14th, 2017, but something tells us the Lord still has plans for our brother. Thank you, our dear friend, for your service to us here at VGR and for the Bride around the world.