If every hair on our heads is numbered and our very footsteps are ordained of God, then there are no coincidences with the Bride and neither are there coincidences with the Word. Every time your eyes run across the words in the Bible or every time you hear the prophet speak, you can rest assured that God knew exactly when and where to reveal His Word to you. Here is yet another one of those testimonies. 

Dear Saints,

After church this Sunday, my wife and I drove past a house and were stopped outside at an intersection for perhaps 15 seconds or so. My wife pointed to a statue of Mary in the front yard and she said, "Look at that statue."

I looked, and at exactly the time we were both looking, I heard brother Branham say on the tape we were playing in the car, “Look at Mary.” Coincidence? I think not.

We decided to knock at the door and discovered they were Syrian refugees. I got the number from a young man there after explaining what had happened. I invited him and he agreed to come to our church.

These tapes were pre-ordained before the foundation of the earth, they are not an old Messages, they are for today, for us NOW! Just press play and only believe.

God bless you all richly in the Name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Yours sincerely,

Brother Tye & Sister Faith Mckain


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