Tape Boys

Bro. Mali, our Kinshasa representative, sent us the following report and attached pictures about an awesome evangelization campaign that took place in Mbuji-Mayi while he was there to distribute SD cards earlier in July. As you will see from the video, thousands of people came to hear the prophet bring the Message of the hour, with 257 souls surrendering their lives to the Lord Jesus!

Here is the report:

In the city of Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo, there was a public evangelization campaign that took place in July, 2018.

The main speaker was Brother Branham and he preached the sermons "Come Follow Me", "By Faith Moses", and "Possessing the Enemy’s Gates After Trial".

In result of hearing the Voice of God, 257 believed and took the decision to get baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They were afterwards instructed to visit the Mbuji-Mayi library in order to have more sermons of Bro. Branham.

Praise be to God!

Bro. Mali

Voice of God, Kinshasha, DRC