The Little Things

It's not only the big things the Lord does for us in our lives, but it's also those little things that mean so much to us. This brother’s request may seem small to many, but just as was promised, his desire didn’t go unnoticed by our Lord Jesus.

Angels of God are encamped about us. This may seem like a small thing, but I know God cares about the little things also. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had an old pair of jeans that I put on because at work my clothes just get dirty and ruined quickly, so I didn't want to wear a new pair. I noticed a hole in the left pocket, and if I put change in the pocket, it just fell through my pant leg. I thought I could fix the pocket, but I didn’t have enough time before work. I thought, if only I had some duct tape to fix the hole temporarily, I would do that for today and I can fix it properly after work.

So I went to read my Bible, and while I was reading, my smoke alarm went off. I thought it was strange since there was no smoke in the house. I went over and pushed the button so it would stop, and it did. If there had been smoke or something it would have continued to sound, but it didn't. The only way it can go off like that is if someone pushes the button. Then I noticed it had a small piece of duct tape on the side of it that I had used to attach it to the wall. The original mounting was broken. The tape was just the perfect size to fix my pocket. I am embarrassed to admit that I use duct tape in this way, but I am thankful that the Lord watches out for us, even for little things.

Thank you Jesus, blessed be the Lord.

Bro. Wayne