Life is filled with ups and downs. Every true Christian knows that we have a great reward waiting for us on the other side and the joy of our salvation should always be first in our minds, but sometimes the enemy seems to be so strong that all the good in the world is hidden behind his shadow of confusion. Our Lord Jesus may not part the Red Sea or speak out of a burning bush during those times, but He knows exactly what we need at the time we need it.

This sister testifies about the Lord sending her the encouragement she needed. How did He do it? The same way He usually does: He sends us His Word. 

Sometimes God breaks us so that we can be much closer to him and really appreciate him; I saw that in my life. Brothers and Sisters, the devil fights. He fights you when you wake up, he fights you during day time, he fights you through to night, he even fights in your dreams.

The devil fought me in all those ways, and I would just get so torn and cry and cry to God, yet there seemed no answer.

Often times I would pray to God for certain things, and yet it seemed as if all hope was gone and there was no point in asking. But God does not show himself in big things, he can simply just give you a verse from the Bible that can completely change your life, and bring you much closer to him.

I always read my Bible before going to bed, but this certain night when I was reading, I just whispered these words "Lord I know you love me, and I love you" and opened to Hosea 14:5.

5 I will be a dew unto Israel; he shall grow as the lily.

Hosea 14:5

I knew that God was speaking to me because my name is Lily. Oh, man I had a little jubilee. I felt my burdens being uplifted.

I remembered how Brother Branham often speaks about how a lily has to toil day and night in order to display its beauty. I realized that the journey of a Christian is that way. You have to go through muddy waters and fiery trials in order to be much closer to God and show your fruits and beauty.

I am not perfect, none of us are. The devil will always point us to our imperfections, but like Brother Joseph said, tell the devil, "I am a paradox."

Sis Lily