The Applied Word

And if the church says that the Spirit of Christ is in them, then Christ will do the works in His church that He did when He was here on earth; for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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The Bible is full of testimonies. We’ve all read the stories of the widow woman and the barrel of meal, Gideon and his fleece, and Jesus telling the Pharisees to cast the first stone. These Bible stories are not only recorded for a historical account, but they are also to be applied to our own lives in this modern day. The same goes for Brother Branham’s Message.

A precious possession was stolen from this Indian brother. He remembered a testimony Brother Branham told about a stolen car and applied it to his own life. What was the result? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever!

I wish to share a testimony. Last month I got an Agapao Tablet – Hero Edition from the VGR India office. It was so useful, because we are playing the sermons in our church using this tablet over the pulpit. It is easy to play and translate the Message in our local language.

In order to play the message for Wednesday service in church, I had gone through the sermon 53-1212 “The Inside Man” using the tablet. When we were ready to go to the church, I noticed that the tablet was missing. We searched everywhere in the house. Somebody had already stolen it. We just knelt down and made a small prayer, “Lord, you are the same God that gave back the car of Brother Evans. We believe you will do this again for your Glory.”

We went to the church without the tablet and played the sermon using a mobile phone. When we came back, we saw the tablet near our main gate to our house, without any scratch. We later identified the person who stole it, but our Lord and Saviour changed his mind and told him to put it back.


Yes, our Almighty still lives and proves He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Now, I'll tell you, a few weeks ago, about a few days ago I was here at the Tabernacle. I used to go into prayer and wait on the Lord and find out where those things were for the people. I have found people's cars. The Lord would speak to me where the people would…

Brother Welch Evans come up here and lost his car; somebody stole it in Louisville. He and Brother Fred Sothmann and some of the brethren… Brother Tom Simpson, I believe, was along that day. Or was you, Brother Tom? And they come up to the house, and there was Brother Evans without a car, without clothes, everything that he had was in that car. And they pulled in over at Miller's and somebody took it.

Well, we got a racket, a ring in Louisville, where they pull these cars off, and they'll run them down to Bowling Green or somewhere like that and respray them. And in Kentucky you don't have to have a title anyhow to your car, and they can change those cars in a few minutes and sell them any way they wanted to.

Well, Brother Evans with his little car and all he had in it, and the Lord gave me the answer for it. And before they even got home, the car was setting out here about half empty of gasoline, where He turned them around on the road to Bowling Green, and brought them back, and set the car right back out there with everything in it, not a thing missing, just what gas they'd used.

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Yours in His service,

Brother Boaz