A Witness For The Bride

Happy 85th birthday to Brother Billy Paul! This Sunday, September 13th, marks his 85th birthday and life of continued service to God’s people. Since the day Brother Branham asked him to travel to Africa at the age of 15, his life has been a blessing to thousands of souls around the world. He was constantly at his dad’s side supporting God’s prophet unconditionally no matter what trial laid before them. He was at every meeting, handing out prayer cards to the sick, and at every service he would escort his father on and off the platform, often when Brother Branham was at the point of exhaustion. He took care of Brother Branham’s personal correspondence, and today he still stands at his posts of duty serving the Bride of Christ at the Voice of God Recordings and at the Branham Tabernacle. We celebrate this special day when God brought a son and a chum for his prophet, and a witness for the Bride.

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