The Prayer of Faith

Can something as simple as a little cloth make a difference to an incurable disease? This sister from the Republic of Congo testifies that it can. 

My name is Bayonne Dieu-Veille. I am a sister in Christ who lives in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Since 2013 I have suffered with the epilepsy devil which would strike me anywhere. One year later, it changed how it affected my life. I would no longer fall down, but just had a memory loss each time it would strike me.

I often walked through the Brazzaville streets without even knowing where I was going, but by the grace of God, I always made my way back home.

After going through several medical treatments by physicians, my health kept degrading. In spite of the prayers of the church, the sickness kept evolving.

My pastor took the initiative to put me under the prayers according to the campaigns of Brother Branham, accompanied by the wearing of a prayer cloth.

It now has been over two months that I not suffered falling down in epileptic case, and my memory has come back to normal. Before I started to wear the prayer cloth, I was having several episodes every month but from that time, my health was completely restored.

Sister Bayonne Dieu-veille