YF in Zambia

A short time ago, the Voice Of God Recordings Zambia office was given the opportunity to take a day at a youth camp that was held in Luanshya, approximately 200 miles away from the VGR office in Lusaka. The camp was attended by young Message believers from the areas of Lusaka, Kabwe, Kapiri, Ndola, Kitwe, Kalulushi, and Chingola; 200 estimated young people were in attendance.

Our office manager, Brother Maurice Phiri, was happy to take the day and schedule the activities as well as to inform the young brothers and sisters about the many different projects Voice Of God Recordings is undertaking in Zambia and around the world. The campers were joyous and happy as they listened to Brother Maurice encourage them to stay with the Message of God’s prophet and speak about how important the tape ministry and translation work is today.

When Brother Maurice sent the following report in, he included several quotes that he used to encourage and excite the young campers. We can see why!

All these on tape, Lord, that's listened to the Voice of this time, many different languages, even be translated, may they understand. Many men and women, in little houses, and out in little jungles in Africa, with those little machines with the tubes in their ears, may they hear, Lord, hear. Grant it.

64-0315 Influence

That's what you need to do, is get away and get quiet before God, so He can bathe you with the refreshment from Heaven. Amen. Get alone to yourself; close the doors, pull them together, and say, "Now Lord, here I am in Your Presence."

56-0213 Hidden Life With Christ

After speaking to the young people for a short time emphasizing how important this Message is and trying to lay a platform for the rest of the day, we started the day off in a very special way!

We played the Message 63-0601 “Come, Follow Me.” It was such a blessing to see young people listen responsively and raise their hands to say "AMEN" to the Word.

When the Message was over, we joined the prophet in prayer as he claimed each young person’s life from Satan and death, to Life in Jesus Christ. What a Message!

I claim every one of them, for my own child, here tonight, to every child in here. I feel that You've put in my hands, to watch them. I claim them all, from Satan and from death, to Life in Jesus Christ. Amen.

63-0601 Come Follow Me

After the morning tape service, we sang a few songs and walked out of the chapel to a calm and quiet space where all the youth were told to pick a place by a tree to sit and have a quiet time with God. I could see many young people kneeling and praying in silent prayer with hands raised, others listening to the Message on their phone whilst others sat to read Message books and the Bible. This went on for an hour. When the time was up, you could hear many youths say, "We needed more time with God, the time frame was too short."

Immediately after the tape service and Quiet Time, four youths took a decision to get baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. There was a moment of jubilation in the campground to glorify the Lord for adding new souls into His Kingdom. Without any delays, baptism candidates were blissfully accompanied by all the campers to a nearby creek to witness their baptism. Glory be to God, the baptism service was successfully conducted by one of the ministers present.

We walked back to the campsite for a meal that was provided by VGR. After lunch, the young people took part in a gesture game, which was fun and involved all the campers.

The game was sisters vs. brothers (Bro Maurice shows a brother or sister a Message title secretly, then the sister/brother should act or gesture without speaking, and youths raise hands to guess the Message title.) This was fun and with much laughter.

Leftover food was then given as a prize to those who correctly answered questions from a “pop quiz” given from the morning tape service and random quotations from different Messages.

The young people also participated in many other games of their choice throughout the day and had a very beautiful time in the Lord! What a blessing!

Finally, the sun set and the young people were given some time to get cleaned up before supper.

After supper, the jubilee continued as the young people gathered together for bonfire fellowship. It was a delightful time as they sang songs of praise and worship and danced around the fire to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many uplifting testimonies, poems, special songs, and words of encouragement were also shared among the young believers, and as the night came to a close, our hearts were full of joy, excitement, and love for the Lord Jesus Christ and this precious Message of the hour.

In conclusion, we are grateful to Bro. Joseph for a positive response to the invitation we received to participate in this camp.

We are so thankful for the great work he keeps doing in our country, and it is a special blessing to all the young people.

May God Richly bless you.

Brother Maurice Phiri

VGR Office, Lusaka Zambia