Taught Right

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

Why is it so important for parents to keep their children’s minds on the things of the Lord rather than the things of the world? If they are thinking about the next ballgame, movie, or who's who in Hollywood, then will their trust be in God when crisis strikes? Will their faith be ready to cry out to the Lord Jesus?

There are some parents today who are teaching their children that God has far more than the world can ever give, and their children’s minds are constantly on the things of God. As you will soon read, even a five-year-old, if he is taught right, can have an understanding that the most educated theologian can’t touch.

The unthinkable happened when Brother Philip Garcia, of Jeffersonville, had his five-year old son, Silas, sitting on his lap while mowing his field with a tractor and bush-hog mower. Brother Philip leaned forward to move a low-hanging branch out of the way, when Silas fell off his lap and onto the ground. He immediately stopped the tractor and looked down to find that his son’s head was crushed beneath the back tire, and the blade of the mower had sliced through his foot. Brother Philip cried out, “Oh God, You’ve got to help me! You’ve got to save my boy!”

He rolled the tractor slightly forward to get the tire off his head, but amazingly, life was still in the boy. His nose was bleeding and his skull was obviously distorted from the crushing weight of the 4,000-pound tractor. He scooped him up in his arms and the child screamed out, “LORD, HEAL ME! LORD, HEAL ME!”

Brother Philip ran to his house, all-the-while crying out to the Lord Jesus. After running about 200 yards, the Holy Spirit stopped him and came down in a mighty way. Philip felt His Presence and began weeping. Little Silas calmed down and embraced his father. He looked him in the eye and said, “Dad, I’m going to be just fine. God already went to Calvary for me.” Philip encouraged his son, “Silas, that’s right. He’s the High Priest of our confession, and you just confessed that He went to Calvary for you, so you’re going to be just fine.”

Brother Philip then called his wife (Sister Gabrielle, Brother Joseph Branham’s niece), who was in the house and told her to get in touch with Brother Joseph and ask him to pray. He then hung up with his wife and called 911 for medical help.

A few seconds later Brother Philip entered the house, carrying his son. Sister Gabrielle’s first reaction was, “He looked like he was OK, but I was wondering if he was unconscious because of how still he was. He was perfectly calm.” The parents laid Silas on the couch to inspect their son. He still had the tire marks from the tractor across his face, but his head was completely normal. Although his foot was still severely injured, there was no denying that the Holy Spirit had already done something very powerful.

The paramedics showed up and quickly called in a medical helicopter. One of the medics said that Silas’ foot was sliced all the way through, but his head seemed normal and his injuries were not life-threatening. While asking him questions to see his responses, the medic asked:

What is your name?

Silas answered, “Silas Garcia.”

“How old are you?”

Silas answered, “Five.”

“Who is the president of the United States?”

Silas answered, “Abraham Lincoln.”

It put a smile on everyone’s face, and was encouraging to all of us who had immediately went to prayer for the little fellow.

Sister Gabrielle accompanied her son in the helicopter to the hospital in Louisville. Doctor after doctor examined Silas, and the worst they could find was where the mower blade had plowed through his little foot. But, as all of us expected, by the time the surgeons looked at it, it was reduced to a minor cut that required a few stiches, and there were couple small broken bones that had already set themselves perfectly. He left the hospital the next day with his foot wrapped in gauze, and the doctor’s diagnosis was that his greatest danger was the cut on his foot had to be kept clean to reduce the possibility of infection. A lot had changed since his head was crushed under that tractor tire a few hours earlier.

When all was said and done and the family returned home, Silas’ twin Brother, Titus, made the profound statement, “Silas didn’t fall onto the ground, he fell into Jesus’ hands.”

Well said, young Titus. Yes, these kids are being taught right.