Malawi Independence Day

Dear God, I’m thinking of another great time coming, and that will be the resurrection, when the old-timers will come forth first, saints, the patriarchs. “For we which are alive and remain shall not prevent or hinder those which are asleep; for the trumpet of God shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” Then when we see that great…just the people going, marching up through the skies; and we’ll be standing, waiting for our change, knowing that we’ll fall in line, also. God, make us faithful soldiers. Only those who have really associated and been in the war would know what that really meant, to see those tanks rolling by. And, God, we think that those who have been in the battle of life will know what it means, when we’re waiting our turn to fall in position and place, in the resurrection, to go up.

65-1121 What House Will You Build Me?

Independence Day is celebrated by countries the world over. It's a day of celebration marking freedom from the repression of an alien nation or unwanted occupying force. In reality, each of us has our own Independence Day, when God freed us from the rule of sin.

Our young brothers and sisters rallied this day for a different kind of celebration. Some 280 youths gathered to celebrate their independence from the world in Malawi, Africa.

July 6th is Independence Day in Malawi. On this day Malawians commemorate the day they attained Independence from the British protectorate. On this day every year, celebrations are done at the national stadium.

The youth from around Blantyre and the surrounding districts wanted to do it differently; they chose to commemorate the day we live in ''the Voice Of The Seventh Angel Message" style, and the venue was to be the Voice Of God Recordings premises.

Being winter season in Malawi, it was a very cold morning punctuated with showers, and we never expected to have a large group of youth coming to attend this special meeting; the weather was simply hostile, to say the least.

Against all expectations, the youth started coming in their large numbers, and soon there was no more room in the tent. This translated to over 280 youths that attended!

A tape "63-0717 A Prisoner" was chosen, and it was indeed a huge blessing. The youth will live to remember this day. It was surely an Independence Day; for each youth a celebration of their day of liberty from strange messages they once believed. And music was the icing of the cake.

Thank you and God bless you.


VGR Malawi



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