New Nigeria Office

The first VGR lending library in Nigeria was established in 1985, and since that time the work has grown to serve over 920 churches and an excess of 80,000 believers.

In August 2006, the office was moved from a one-room building into a bungalow style structure, but the work quickly outgrew that office.

In February 2014, the local Nigerian churches, with VGR representative Andrew Alasa, held a meeting to come together and determine how they might better serve the Bride in Nigeria in the building of a new structure. From February to August 2014, the churches went into action, banding together to help with the funding of the construction of a new VGR office building. One of the many amenities included is a large hall that will have room enough for the local youth who attend Quiet Time there each week. Construction is winding up, and the last few finishing touches will soon be complete on the new VGR office in Lagos.

There is strength in numbers, but there is more than that when God’s children come together with one common goal. This building will be a testament to a single purpose and help with the work in Nigeria, hoping to find that final one and bring it into the fold.

Some of features of the new property:

  • Individual offices for the employees
  • A large hall that will be able to accommodate approximately 400 people
  • A large warehouse to house the containers shipped from Jeffersonville
  • Video room
  • Chapel
  • Tape listening room
  • Reading room
  • Lobby