Tape Boys

What happened? Now they were shut up. “No revival is going to happen here. Our denomination won't sponsor such. We'll not have that kind of nonsense among us. I forbid any of you to go to that meeting.” Huh! Jericho, right in the line of the damned!

But there must have been some tape boys slipped in somewhere, for the predestinated seed. They slipped over to her house and played some tapes. She made her—her own house a church, to receive the message.

They still got them, you know. The Message got to the predestinated Seed, anyhow. We don't know how It got there, but It got there, so that the Just will not perish with the unjust. God is seeing to that, today.

63-0901M Token

Tape Boys were not only doing their jobs in the days of Joshua, but they still are today! A few of them recently were in the Congolese city of Mbuji-Mayi, where they played three Ciluba-translated sermons over a three-day weekend. The results were unprecedented! First and foremost, hundreds of people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus, and many were baptized. Pastors from churches throughout the region set aside any doctrinal differences to cancel their services and come together to worship with thousands of other believers. Their common ground was not any specific doctrine, but the Message spoken by the prophet himself. All of us agree on that voice.

More than 2,000 people came from near and far to give Brother Branham a platform to once again speak to the souls of Africa. Here is the report.

We are happy to inform you that from Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th, 2017, we had a series of grand tape services every day from 3pm to 6:30pm. These special services were organized outside on property of the postal service in Mbuji Mayi, DR. Congo.

A part of the Bride of Christ speaks the Ciluba language, and they are very blessed by the work done by the VGR under the leadership of Brother Joseph Branham. VGR offers audio sermons of our prophet translated into Ciluba, and these sermons can easily be downloaded on the internet.

To express their joy and how thankful they are, some believers decided to have a public event which make walls of doctrinal differences disappear. These services made it possible to bring everyone in unity. Several pastors and other ministers contributed by attending this event. Some even closed their churches to encourage their members to attend these special tape services.

A few days prior to the meetings, we had spread out all over the city, posters, banners, pamphlets, radio broadcasts, written invitations, and a motorized truck to attract as many people as possible.


More than 2,000 people per day came to the place where we played a sermon each evening.

  • Friday: CILUBA 64-0205 God Is His Own Interpreter
  • Saturday: CILUBA 59-0125 Be Certain Of God
  • Sunday: CILUBA 64-0322 Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy After Trial, where the prophet had a prayer line and invited the pastors to lay their hands on the sick. At least 25 pastors who were there followed Bro. Branham’s instruction as he was speaking.

After the altar call, several people came to give their souls to Christ, and 133 people got baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Two hundred 4GB microSD cards containing 11 Ciluba audio sermons were distributed to the newly baptized believers and to a few Pentecostal pastors who attended the meetings.

Many people have discovered and loved the tape ministry.

We thank the Lord Jesus for these meetings that made the city of Mbuji-Mayi tremble.

Brother Jérôme Kabemba

Tape Boy

The Ciluba voice translator was in Jeffersonville recording Ciluba translations when we received the report and video from Brother Kabemba. We showed the video to him, and he was humbled by the effect of the tapes on that large of a group. The following video is Brother Matamba, VGR Ciluba voice translator, after he viewed the video of his voice being heard by thousands of believers near his home town.