Pakistan Quiet Time

The following is a report from Brother Shamoon Yaqoob, VGR Pakistan office manager, about a special Quiet Time service in Karachi, Pakistan.

Greetings in the most precious and wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are so grateful, with our hearts full of gratitude, of how the Lord is working mightily in midst of us. He is gathering the eagles from every part of the world, and uniting His chosen ones, the predestinated seed of Abraham from north, south, east and west. Truly, we are witnessing Scriptures being fulfilled with our very own eyes. We are so blessed to be the part of this Message, as we are feeding daily on the Fresh Manna.

We had a wonderful Quiet Time meeting, on the 14th of August, where we invited a small number of believers from all around the Karachi. Believers started gathering around in the church at 6:00am where we first told them why is it so important to spend time with the Lord in a quiet place.

It’s a necessary thing of our life to take a special time which can be spent with the Lord we had a wonderful and blessed time spending it with the Lord, some spent their time reading the Spoken Word and some of them prayed. We spent a blessed time in the morning. Believers were so happy to experience this Quiet Time while they spent their time with the Lord, and later on we sang hymns and worshipped the Lord and Praised His Name.

We then played the tape to encourage and uplift the faith of believers by playing the title “A Guide”, and truly as the tape went on, we were having a great time listening to God’s Voice speaking to us through His prophet. He spoke how is it the most necessary thing to know and follow our Guide, because without Him, we have no life and He was the one to lead to life.

It was a great and blessed sermon to each believer there, as their faith was uplifted and they were touched by the sermon. Truly, it should be the most important thing to follow our Guide and walk under His leadership. Amen!

The Urdu speaking Bride is greatly appreciated to our precious Brother Joseph Branham for his tireless efforts for the Bride of Christ around the world and especially in Pakistan. God bless you, precious Brother Joseph Branham, Brother Billy Paul Branham and all the saints at the Voice of God Recordings in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Yours brother in Christ,

Brother Shamoon Yaqoob,



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