Brother Shamoon Yaqoob’s, VGR office manager in Pakistan, latest report details some of the summer activities taking place in and around the city of Karachi. Many are catching the vision in his native land, along with joining their licks of fire around this Message to strengthen each other. Here is Brother Shamoon’s report:

Greetings in most precious Name of Lord Jesus Christ!

It is a great privilege for me that I am a representative of Voice of God Recordings in Pakistan, writing to you about what the Holy Spirit is doing here in my country through the Message of Eternal Life. The predestinated seeds are coming back to the original Word of God. After the distribution of the books, CDs, and microSD cards, God added new souls in the Message of the hour across the country. We have received wonderful reports from ministers that people are receiving water baptism in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Mardan, and Peshawar. The Urdu speaking Bride is very grateful to our precious Brother Joseph Branham and all the saints for the tireless efforts and divine love. We salute all the saints at the Voice of God Recordings in Jeffersonville, Indiana and around the globe. Amen!

Brother Suraj Masih arranged a meeting at a Methodist Church and invited our team there, so I ministered the Word of God in the meeting in AL Noor Society Karachi.

It was mostly a Methodist congregation and this was the first time that many of them heard of the end-time Message. I spoke about “The Love” and shared many quotes of Brother Branham.

After the service we prayed for the sick people and gave them books of our prophet. The people were very happy and confessed they certainly received many blessings by the end time Message. They said, "We shall invite you again soon in our area and arrange a bigger convention." Praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Brother Yousaf Taj and his wife took the Message material and went to new areas around the country. They said we have summer vacation from our work so we want to visit some new areas with the Message material. They visited some areas and shared their testimony among the new people who never heard the Message of hour. They further said that they prayed for the sick and God healed the people and they gave them the books of our prophet. We have wondered when we would see the mighty burden in believers’ hearts to distribute the Message of Life to the lost souls in Pakistan.

Brother Waseem Akram visited our office from Lahore and we told him about the hidden truths of Holy Bible. He said, “I am very much interested to know more about the truth of the Bible. So I said you must read the books of Brother Branham and listen to the audio messages with prayer. Then he said, “Please give me this blessed material.” So I gave him Message materials and he received it gladly.

Family Camp:  We had a wonderful family camp on the 26th and 27th, July 2016, where 17 families got together. More than 80 people and some new families attended this camp for the first time. We booked one farmhouse for the event, which is out of the central city Karachi, after two hours traveling we reached our destination.

We started family camp with prayer and singing the Psalms, then we heard the Word of God. After the service all the families enjoyed delicious meals. Then we fellowshipped with one another, talking about the Message and Message believers, along with sharing quotes to uplift each other.

On July 27th, we started the day with prayers, followed by breakfast and after that we played games and fellowshipped with each other again. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. After lunch we interviewed many families about how the Message has transformed their lives and we received very good feedback. Some new families told us that this was their first time to attend family camp and it felt very different and like our "own" family. They added, we got Christian love and brotherly kindness in this camp, we love to have more and more family camps like this.

We finished our camp with prayer and came back home under the protective hands of God, our refuge. We are very thankful to you for your precious prayers for this recent family camp. May Lord Jesus richly bless you and saints. Amen.


The Urdu speaking Bride is greatly and highly appreciated to Brother Joseph Branham, the saints at Voice of God Recordings, and the believers around the world for the tireless efforts, love and generous support for the Message of Eternal Life around the globe and especially in Pakistan. May our Lord, God richly, abundantly and exceedingly bless all the saints in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Christian love and best regards to you,

Your brother in JESUS,

Brother Shamoon Yaqoob,

VGR Pakistan



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