Australia QT

The Young Foundations team has been busy over the past six months hosting YF events in Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. From Perth to Melbourne, from Jakarta to Medan to Phnom Penh, the young people express their gratitude to you, the Bride around the world for your prayers and support to help make these events possible. God is truly working in the lives of our young people today. The following is a report from Brother Andrew O'Dwyer, VGR-Australia. 

The two events held by YF in the city of Perth, Western Australia were a wonderful success. The youth enjoyed an awesome time singing, sharing and playing lots of games, participating in challenging Bible and Message quizzes and Creations activities. At one of the events, we had a special guest visitor from Vietnam, Brother Peter, who taught us a song “Praise Our God” in Vietnamese – we had a lot of fun trying to sing in his language.

Praise Our God (Vietnamese)

Đưa đôi tay lên cao ta chúc tôn Cha (Raise our hands to praise our Father)

Đưa đôi tay lên cao ta thờ phượng Chúa. (Raise our hands to worship God)

Đưa đôi tay lên cao cho bạn niềm vui (Raise our hands to make us rejoice in the Lord)

Đưa đôi tay lên cao cho Chúa mỉm cười. (Raise our hands to make God happy)

One of the highlights was the activity where the young people had to move through 9 stations around the gym to discover clues to uncover one of the words that can defeat the devil anytime “Justified”. The Lord gave us a blessed atmosphere so that each person could seek a closer walk with Jesus.

Thank you, Brother Joseph, for the burden you have for the youth truly this effort is not in vain in the Lord.

God bless you Saints.

Here is some of the feedback we received.

Quiet time holds a special place in my heart. I can pray, read the Bible and spend quality time with the Lord.

Sister Eileen

The Atmosphere of God was among us. As I was in Quiet Time I opened the Bible to read a scripture and it was exactly what brother Andrew had been talking about before Quiet Time which is about being JUSTIFIED! This just gave me a confirmation that God was there. Amen!

Brother Mordecai

The best that I like about YF QT Perth is the Quiet time, you just feel the Holy Spirit in your heart.

Sister Myriade

The main blessings from was the atmosphere that encourages us and gives us the strength to fight against the enemy. We should be encouraged to share God’s blessings on us with brothers and sisters. Common problems we face as youngsters and how we could put the Word of God to use to deal with each one of our daily trials. I am very blessed by these meetings and I hope by God’s grace we’ll have more of them.

Brother Moses

It was the first time in my life that I had made a trip to another continent, to Perth, Australia. What struck me most in my visit was the opportunity to join Young Foundations. I really like the way that YF operate. The program began with game competitions. There were many sports prepared before such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, soccer but volleyball was perhaps the most impressed game. It was the favourite game because it attracted more competitors in each team and more spectators. By doing sports, changing the teams, the young people were easier to get to know each other. After playing the games, the young people had opened their heart, they had the opportunity to listen to the Brother Branham’s tape. I really impressed with this approach. Then they played the secret letter game, answered the Bible and Message quiz. Between each section were the break times with snacks and pizzas. The time was consumed perfectly. Then came to the worship service with songs and the quiet time. When it came to the quiet time, I felt the Holy Spirit moved in the room. The young people chose their own places and talked with God personally. I knew that after such a Young Foundation, the young people would come back to school, to where they live and live their life worthy of the Gospel and witness to the neighbours about the love that they received. Because I know the Message is powerful, which can transform people’s lives. By listening to the Brother Branham’s story, the tapes, I know that the work of VGR is truly building the strong foundation for the young people in this confusing world. This trip provided me with more experiences in operating a YF Event in a simple but effective way so that I can apply it to my country. I can’t wait to see it happen in Vietnam.

Brother Peter (Vietnam)

I really love and enjoy the singing. I feel blessed with the love that every brother and sister share towards each other. I get so much better after attending the YF events. I just feel blessed and happy that no word can describe the joy that fills my heart. Thank you, Lord, for Malachi 4.

Brother Mika

Although the games, activities and food are amazing, the Quiet Time with the Lord is the highlight of every event. Honestly, I am blessed by every event by Young Foundations. Each and every event just gets better and better. To say that one single item in the event is better than another is impossible as they were all above expectations. I truly believe that the fellowship with the members of the Bride of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the highlight.

Brother Joshua