6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

Psalm 18:6

What could make a mother more desperate than helplessly watching her baby slip away? In that desperate situation, this sister cried out to the One Who cannot fail.

I wanted to testify of a miracle that God graciously performed for my little family, especially my son Hudson, this past weekend.

It was Friday evening, and we had my parents and another couple who are good friends of ours over for dinner. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship.

Towards the end of the night, I gave the kids a lollipop to enjoy as their treat. As we were visiting, I heard my son make a cough-like-sound, and my mom who was nearest to him, got up from her chair to check if he was okay. She then told me that he was choking, and I rushed over to him and took him and turned him upside down on my arm and began to do the back-blow motion to help him get the sucker out of his throat. It was not coming out.

I called out to my husband that Hudson was choking, and he ran in and took him from me and again turned him upside down to do the proper first aid motions.

The other sister who was at our house asked her husband to phone 911. At this point, the lollipop was still not surfacing, and we began to panic. There was nothing more frightening than watching my son struggle for breath and watching his little face look at me with a “ please help me,” look on his face.

My mom and I were on our knees looking up at him to make sure that if the lollipop resurfaced, we could take it out quickly. He was going limp, white as a sheet and foaming at the nose and mouth. I felt helpless; a horrible feeling for me knowing my son was scared, confused, and struggling, and I couldn’t help.

He had been choking for a little over 5 minutes which felt like an eternity! There was nothing I could do, but to call on the Lord to help us and to save our son. I laid hands on him and cried out to God, that He would undertake.

It was about 30-60 seconds later that the white stick of his lollipop just appeared in his mouth and we were able to retrieve it. The ambulance arrived a few minutes after the lollipop had come out and the paramedics took him to the ambulance to check his vitals, etc.

They mentioned to us that because the stick of the lollipop had scraped his throat, that there was the possibility of his throat swelling in a few hours.

We were so relieved that the lollipop was out, however for reassurance we took him to the hospital to have him looked at.

On Sunday my family and I listened to the Message, "He Cares, Do you Care?" 63-0721. What a fitting Message for this situation because it was such a reminder that He truly does care for us and is always watching over us.

And notice, He cared so much until, when He known He must leave in order to bring this great thing to us, He said, “ I’ll not leave you comfortless, but I will send the Holy Spirit, and He shall continue My care for you,” until He returns. There’s no one cares like Jesus.

63-0721 He Cares. Do You Care?

We are so thankful of His little miracle He performed for my little Hudson that day. As Bro Branham tells us, He is ALWAYS on time. Praise the Lord once again!

Sister Ashley