I Know

It was all bad news for this family concerning children. They were not able to conceive, but they kept their faith. Then once they conceived, there were issues with the pregnancy. But that didn't matter to them, nor should it have. Faith took hold and called those things which were not, as though they were. Their test turned into victory and a testimony that is sure to boost your faith.

I was living quite a far distance from my church, and on Sunday morning my wife told me about her doubts that she would ever be pregnant. I went to church alone same day and my precious pastor took the Scripture about the birth of John. God talked to my heart and told me, "Do not doubt, it will be a boy and you will call him John." My wife reported to me the same night that she was expecting, and at the same time I shared my experience with God. I said, God told me his name will be John. We started to share this testimony with everyone that it will be a boy and his name will be John.

In India, you can not have a medical test to determine if the baby is male or female before birth. Our expected date of delivery was around January 5-8th, 2014.

The month before delivery, my wife started to complain about having birth pains. The doctor told her, “No, there is no chance to have a baby now.”

Somehow, I admitted her to the hospital on 9th December. The pain was so serious and beyond tolerance. I went to the doctor, and asked if by any means (operation) she can make the delivery possible, because my wife was not able to bear the pain. I called the doctor, and she checked and said it is impossible to have the baby now. At minimum, it will take at least 10 more days.

During this time in the hospital, my wife cried out for me to pray to God on my knees with all I had. I was praying, but not with all my heart. All of sudden I came to my knees with tears and cried, “My Lord, if ever I needed you, this is the hour. Lord, I believe that you exist and hear my prayers, please Lord, have mercy and answer.”

Believe me, before I said "Amen" my John was there by a normal delivery. My mouth was without speech, and even the nurse who was there could not explain it. The doctor didn’t believe it could happen.

I was still crying on my knees, and praising God on that same spot. Meanwhile, they brought my wife to ICU and then they asked her, “Don't you want to know if its male or female?” She replied, I know it’s John.

After an hour, one of the child specialist came back to the room and said since it was premature, the male/female body part had not been developed yet. We will wait until morning to do a urine test, and we will have to make the operation for the baby urinal part. But I had a different faith, since I was a witness of God's great work already. I said to my wife, "God gave us John, our God is not the one who makes some body imperfect. Our God is perfect."

Around 10:30am the next morning, the doctor woke me up and said we have come to have our inspection. When they opened the baby's diaper, he was surprised to see every organ was perfect. He said he had already prepared for the operation but now it’s not required. You can bring your son home.

Now he is already dedicated to God and perfect.

The purpose of this testimony is I know by my prophet, "Only Believe, all things are possible."

This is not just for singing but for manifestation.

God Bless You,

Rajiv Singh