I Was There

56-0403 Shepherd Of The Sheepfold

In March of 1956, Mexico City was awakened to the ministry of Malachi 4. The lead up to the meetings had very little press. In fact, the only advertisement took place in a local “gossip” newspaper that made mention of an American evangelist having a series of meetings at a local bull arena. This would all change very quickly as the word got out that people were being healed in mass numbers and a prophet of God was in the pulpit. 

News spread of what God was doing in the city and those meetings still resonate with many today. This video testimony is of a brother who was blessed to be in those very meetings. Brother Enrique Vallejo, Mexico City, was a teenager, standing near the front, close to the platform. Here is an excerpt of his testimony and how he can say, “I Was There."