Shining In The Darkness

God always has a witness. Even in a city so steeped in sin as Los Angeles, this sister is shining the light in one of the darkest places on earth. With her head held high she is following the leading of the Holy Spirit in her life and using every means to show a dying people that there is a way out. Could the “city of the angels” be holding that last sheep? 

God bless you brothers and sisters, I’d like to share what the Lord has inspired me to do.

I’m usually quiet and shy when it comes to talking out loud, but with a heart that is always burning to share God’s Word and the prophet of the hour. Going to branham.org is always a blessing, reading all those testimonies always lifts up my faith and shows me that God is with His Bride all the time. I kept seeing billboard testimonies, oh how I wish we could put one here in my hometown. And watching those young brothers and sisters from Africa witnessing to others filled my heart with such joy!

I wish I had that kind of confidence, and not be so scared of talking. While they were witnessing they had messages playing out loud, and I remember hearing this quote that really spoke to my heart. It said, “Do something somewhere. Don’t stand still. If you’re washing the dishes, why, testify to the neighbor. Get out and pass tracts; do something. Don’t stand still, what is in your hand? Get doing something. And whatever is at your hand, use it.”

Oh my, how those words of the prophet inspired me! The enemy might try to use my struggle with words against me, but he can’t stop this burning heart in me that desires to share the truth! Our prophet said, “Whatever is at your hand use it.” I may not have enough to rent a billboard, but I do have paper and ink. So I thought maybe I can make posters with pictures of the tracts, and on the bottom put strips that say “themessage.com” and post them all over Whittier (a suburb of LA).

So with the help of my brother in Christ we made those posters. My dad really liked the idea and helped us post them, and prayed for every poster with us. And as I walk around now, I can see they’ve been working! God is working! It is such a blessing to see that people stop and read, and actually have interest. I know many think that believers that live in California, and especially Los Angeles, should move out. I'm saying this because my family and I have been told many times to leave this place because it will sink, and I believe it will! It’s got to! But I always think to myself, "What if every believer did leave California, who will be the light to others here in this horrible dark place? Who would be a living witness and living testimony for others to see?" Like the song says “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” :) No matter where we are, we got to let God’s Word shine.

If it’s God’s will, someone might believe and be saved! I believe it with all my heart, because with God, all things are possible.

Brothers and sisters I humbly ask for your prayers for us that do live here in Los Angeles, CA that the Holy Spirit guide us and let us know when and where we should go when it’s time. All we want is God’s will to be done in our lives. Also pray for those that are taking interest in these posters, that they may be blessed with the Truth. Thank you for your prayers,

May the Lord richly bless you and your families; The Bride of Christ is always in my prayers.

Sister Yadira