Of Good Quality

Some time ago, I overheard (a few weeks ago), of a little boy who was up in an attic fooling around, playing. And he run into a little postage stamp, no more than a perhaps a half-inch square. And he took the postage stamp and he seen that it was a old one, so he slipped out to a stamp collector and got one dollar for the stamp. That stamp collector sold it for fifty dollars. And the last time I heard from that stamp, it's worth more than a quarter of a million dollars. Now, it was not the little stamp, the little piece of paper that's worth so much. It's what's stamped on the paper, gives it its value.

57-0303E What Think Ye Of Christ?

What price can we put on the content of a Message book or the pages of our Bible? The paper it's on is very little, but the value is more than life to us.

We received this testimony from our Namibia office about a man who found that these books may not cost him much, but the content is second to none, with the Words of Eternal Life found in them.

A few weeks ago a policeman visited the main library as a first time visitor. I gave him a little more attention, and we began to talk and then he told me of an interesting dream that he had.

He said he dreamt he went to a fuel station to put some oil into his car. As he was standing there, he said to the attendant: "Put some of this cheap, quality oil in please."

The man said that he didn’t have that brand, but suggested another brand. That brand was a whole lot more expensive, but he told the attendant, "No, I want those cheap, quality ones," and added, "The ones you suggest are expensive and not even of good quality."

The attendant insisted on the other brand, but he refused. As he woke up he wondered what that dream could actually have meant. Then he remembered how he used to buy expensive Christian books from well-known Pentecostal preachers, which cost a lot of money, N$ 200,00 ($16.00 US) or more for just one book.

But then he also remembered how he came across some wonderful Message books, extremely cheap, but of great quality at the Soweto Market. The Lord just then gave him the interpretation. And since he hadn’t been at the main library before, he came right quick to see what else he could get at a low price, knowing it would be of great quality.

He took a whole lot of material with him as he left.

VGR Namibia