Crossing Over

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Isaiah 9:2

The revival fire that caught in the villages of Malawi over the past few years has crossed over into the neighboring country of Mozambique. Brother Saidi and the team’s recent report tells of another 60 souls giving their lives to the Lord Jesus.

I wish to report that the VGR tape outreach team went across the border into Mozambique for a series of tape meetings.

This was our first trip to Mozambique, despite some hitches we faced, the trip was generally successful.

The team left our base on Friday afternoon and spent the night at the bordering town with Mozambique. In the morning, we crossed the Nayuchi border post into Mozambique’s Zambezi province. The brothers who had invited us warmly welcomed us on the other side of Mozambique. We immediately proceeded to the place of our first meeting. The hosts assured us of our safety; government officials were aware of our coming and permission had already been granted by government officials for us to hold meetings in the area.

As soon as the boys confidently started assembling our equipment, people's attention was aroused. When the music started to play, the audience began to swell. This was the first time the people around this place had witnessed this kind of an outreach. In no time the place was already full with people who were visibly enjoying the beat of the music.

As we were about to introduce Brother William Branham to the people the generator started to cut power, disrupting proceedings. The boys struggled and fought until the tape was played.

The people had listening ears, they were very attentive, and never wanted to miss any moment of the tape being played. No wonder that over 60 people surrendered themselves to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was quite a challenge to get to the baptismal water. The only place that had enough water, was very far away from where we had the meeting. Our Ford Ranger made several trips to ferry the people for the baptismal service. This was not an easy task, but we had no choice, these were desperate people.

We had baptized 45 people when darkness fell, and we had to stop there. We did not feel safe enough to drive around very late at night, delivering people to and from the baptism. We trust the local brothers will baptize the remaining group.

While I was ferrying people to and from the baptism, people continued to flock to the venue forcing the team to go into a second meeting. That was not to be, the generator had completely surrendered by this time.

The area has a great potential, and the people are hungry for the Word. This meeting only scratched the surface; there is a need for us to go back and finish the work that we had started.

On Sunday the people that we baptized gathered under a tree for their Sunday service.

The brothers had arranged for another tape outreach meeting on Sunday, outside town. But with the generator issues in the hindsight, we decided to drive to another place for the Sunday tape outreach. It was a long and tiresome drive through the jungles. This was some genuine jungle, but it was great to play a voice of the prophet amongst the people of Africa in the remote.

By faith, the boys started connecting the equipment; not knowing how the generator would respond this time around.

And behold, the generator behaved very well but the 'red fault light' was still showing. After playing some few songs it started cutting power. The boys decided to switch to the third power output, at least it behaved but not as it is supposed to. We were able to play our tape and baptized four people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The people in Mozambique are crying for our return. The area is just very vast with people that need to hear the voice of the prophet Brother William Branham.

Thank you for your prayers.

Brother Saidi

VGR Malawi