A Light In East Africa

The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.

Matthew 4:16

There is a bright and shining Light spreading through the prisons of Kenya and Uganda. A Kenya brother by the name of Moses is doing his best to show that the Lord is willing to grant freedom, even in the confines of a prison cell, and the Lord has provided a powerful new tool for the work: the Agapao Tablet. We received the following testimony from our office in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Prison Ministry in Kenya has been gaining momentum day by day, thanks to the introduction of the Agapao Tablet. Brother Moses Omuyoyi Nehemiah has been visiting many prisons in Kenya and recently, he visited us in the office and gave us a good report in picture form on the impact of the Agapao Tablet we gave him for the prison ministry.

It was back in the year 2010, while assisting at Mombasa VGR lending library under the ministry of late Brother Jackson Silla, that Brother Moses Omuyoyi had a burden in his heart to take the voice of the prophet to the prisoners in Kenya.

He did not have any idea of how he was going to achieve this, but with the leadership and guidance of the late Jackson Silla, his desire came to pass.

Brother Silla helped Brother Moses to apply for a license that allowed him to preach in the Kenyan prisons.

Since then, he has been faithful to this cause and has visited more than five prisons in Kenya.

One unique thing about his mission is that he plays the tapes of Brother Branham to the prisoners. At that time, it was hard to get Christian materials into the prison, because of a lack of funds and the materials that were available at the time were bulky. But, with the Agapao tablet, it has really eased the burden for him. He can now play all the available translations to the inmates, and it is easy and safer for him to travel with it.

He is also a great blessing in our neighboring country Uganda. For now, he has gained access to the prisoners in Uganda too.

How it all began in Uganda

Brother Moses received an invitation from a brother in Uganda to go and visit one of the prisons there. While there, one of the prison officers believed the Message, and through this officer, he was able to gain access to other prisons in Uganda.

In his recent visit, he brought us photos of the prisoners in Masafu Uganda listening to the message, "Be certain of God.“ Some of these prisoners were those that were given a death sentence, but we are glad to know that they have received the Lord.

He has visited the following prisons in Uganda:

  • Masafu Prisons
  • Kampala Prisons
  • Nyamainga

Many of them have been healed, and some have been released from prison after receiving the Word. He has managed to baptize:

  • 61 inmates and (1 officer) in Masafu Prisons
  • 26 inmates in Kampala Prisons
  • 19 inmates in Nyamainga

VGR Nairobi, Kenya