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Lord Jesus! Youth, men and women for tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow. We must train them, Lord. We feel that burden, to train them like there will be a tomorrow. If there is not, then today is the day.

63-0601 - Come, Follow Me

Brother Branham said, “Now, we are, in an amateur way we are creators.” He also said that we create an atmosphere around us, which is how others know we are Christians. To create this atmosphere, it is important that our minds are always on the things of God. We must be thinking about God, hearing the Word, and like the apostle James said, “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only…”

The following is a report from Zambia about the effects of the country’s first Creations class at our office.

We recently hosted 63 young believers in Zambia’s first ever Creations workshop at the VGR office in Lusaka.

These little brothers and sisters in Christ were more than happy to meet with one another and learn several meaningful lessons about the Lord and messenger, who God chose to bring us the Word!

The children, whose ages ranged between 4 and 9, were divided into 3 groups while 5 helpful and gracious sisters carefully kept a watchful eye on each one, teaching the children and attending to any questions that they might have had during the event.

The first and youngest group learned about the messengers of each Church Age and happily got to color the “Mysterious Cloud” while the other two groups learned about The Stature Of Perfect Man and colored the Pillar of Fire picture.

As the projects progressed, our volunteering sisters diligently monitored the work and made sure each young person understood what they were doing as they worked on their projects.

It’s easy to see in the pictures and videos that it was a wonderful time for everyone!

After the projects were done, the kids were served a small lunch, and then our cups really ran over as their tender little hearts began to sing songs and praises unto the Lord! It was truly a great blessing to see the love among each one and to watch them as they took part in such a wonderful event.

As the events were ending, we asked a few kids how they felt about everything, and it then became evident to us how very happy they were to be together at the office and have such a wonderful experience with other believing young people their age!

We send a special appreciation to Brother Joseph for giving an opportunity to have Creations for the little ones at the office. We appreciate brethren who have unwavering continued to support Voice Of God Recordings in all programs around the world.

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