The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Artesian Well Drinkers,

How wonderful it is to drink from that Artesian Well. Pure, clear, cool Word coming forth from The Fountain of Living Waters, where we can drink from It any time our hearts desire. He has come and quenched the thirsting of our souls, in a dry and thirsty land.

When we are depressed, we can drink. When the battle is raging, we can drink. When we need healing, we can drink. Anytime, anywhere we can press play and hear Father speak to us and say: Good morning friends, what do you have need of today, healing? Do you need to be assured you are my Adopted sons and daughters? Do you need an answer to a question you have upon your heart? Or do you just want to sit under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and just drink and drink and drink and be refreshed in your soul?

His Word, This Message, places us in the presence of the Holy Spirit instantly. Sometimes we struggle trying to break through to come into His Presence, but we know the very second we press play, we are under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. It has been revealed to us, and we believe with every fiber of our being, It is the Voice Of God speaking directly to us from the human lips HE chose. Why would anybody in their right mind want to drink from any other fountain?

As we listen to these tapes, It is reaching out into the heathen lands, and around the world, wherever anyone is listening. It is calling to every feeble person, every lost soul, every sick body, every predestinated Seed and telling them, “You can receive what you have need of, if you wouldn’t doubt and believe every Word, for It isn’t me speaking to you, It is HIM just using me to speak to you.”

Just imagine now, if you would have lived back in the other days, under the jolting of God’s prophets and Words that come forth, what side would you want to be on back there?

Well, you got the same choice today. She’s fixing to bring forth the perfect Word back there, and the Word is coming for the Word Bride. As a—a woman is the part of a man, taken from him, so the Church will have to be a Word-abiding Church, every Word of the Bible; not systems, dogmas, or nothing added to It. It’ll have to be in an unadulterated, pure, virgin Word.

What would you have done back then, go with their systems, dogmas, and priest, or would you be the ones that stayed with the revealed Word for that day?

He said we are not building a wall, we’re building a house. In building a house you must build it exactly by the blueprint or your house will be all messed up. Our Blueprint is The Word. The Word of the Lord comes to His prophet, never comes to the priests; It comes to the prophets. The prophet is the ONLY divine interpreter of That Word. So who will build His House?

It takes an anointed one from Heaven, to be sent down to do that. It has, in every age.

Once again, the world, and His Elected, are going through birth pains. Just look at the things He told us that would be going on in the world and in His Church at this time. We see it being fulfilled before our very eyes. In each age Father sent forth His messengers: Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley, and in our age, William Branham. With each messenger the world, both natural and spiritual, was having birth pains.

It takes pain, distress and discomfort, but now the final birth pains and the timing is at hand. We see the conditions of the world, the stress between nations. We see the stress that is upon His Bride to stay with the tapes and to believe every Word. It is hard, but It is the bringing forth of His Bride. The rapture is at hand.

Once again, we will unite at 1:00 P.M. Jeffersonville time to drink from that Artesian Well and hear The Word as He tells us, we are now going through the last Birth Pains 65-0124.

Bro. Joseph Branham


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