63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

John 6:63

We received this testimony from our office in the DRC about a family whose unborn child was saved from death. It was at the very last moment of decision, when the dad took out his phone and played a recording of Brother Branham.

As we were listening to the Voice during a tape service, there was a great tumult in the assembly, and at that time a brother decided to record that part of the service on his phone from his chair where he was sitting.

A few days later, his wife was about to give birth. The doctors decided to operate on her to save her life, as the baby had died in her womb. The brother asked the doctors to wait, picked up his phone, put it on his wife’s belly, and played the part of the tape he had recorded (it was before the SD cards). When the Voice started to thunder, the baby came out all of a sudden, like if projected, but without breathing.

They called the midwives, who came right away and tried to make the child come to life and breathe, but without any success.

The mother, who was attending every tape service and had given already the name William to the child before his birth, woke up from her delivery bed while the voice of Brother Branham was still playing. She took the child and was led to say: “William, my son, be alive!” The baby screamed his first cry immediately.

This is Sister Naomi and her baby William.

With the atmosphere and power of the Voice, the Lord has given to that brother and his wife their baby, contrary to what the doctors had said.

God bless you all,

Brother Eale Nkongi

VGR – Mbandaka, DRC