Cusco Distribution Trip

Brother Sherman Napuri, VGR office manager in Peru, recently traveled from the office in Lima, to the inland Province of Cusco for a distribution trip. There he was able to reach out to the pastors and believers in sharing the new microSD cards, along with some much needed material.

Here is his report and some of the feedback from the locals.


The purpose of this trip was to present the pastors and missionaries with the microSD cards and the new tracts. Also to discuss and clarify many doubts they may have. If possible, we needed to see the places and areas where they are working to spread the Word and the Message of the Hour.

Places Visited

QORAPATA: Most of the ministers and pastors dedicated to the missionary work in this area of Cusco were present. This place is known as Peru’s rooftop due to the altitude where they live.

In this picture we can see that this area of Peru is so high that we do not even see the Andes Mountains at the distance. The oxygen is scarce and the air has an unusual smell to it. If we walk a little bit faster than normal, the heart gets incredibly agitated due to lack of oxygen.

After Sicuani, we went even higher to the city of Checca. We only stayed there for a few hours and then we went to Qorapata. All the ministers invited to the meeting were present at the occasion.

Every Friday there is a street marketplace in Checca (the biggest city in the area). All the believers come here to get their groceries, and stay for the weekend services.

On Friday, there are buses and locomotion to this place. The rest of the week one needs to have a vehicle for transportation. Our presentation was from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. The brothers were so happy and kept on asking questions so that we could not stop the meeting. We had a great time together, and we could answer many questions they had. This was the first time that VGR visited this area.

The languages they speak are Quechua and Spanish (in that order). They really enjoyed learning how to use the microSD cards. They also liked the new tracts for missionary purposes; they promised to use them wisely. All of them sent greetings to Brothers Joseph Branham, Billy Paul Branham, and all the believers. These local ministers are gallant souls that walk great distances, and cross mountains and valleys to announce the Voice of the Lord in these faraway places. Let us pray for these believers in the high mountains of the Andes.

SICUANI: One of the most important cities in the Cusco area. The Message came here in the mid 80’s and is regularly visited by other brothers.

The believers that live around the city of Sicuani speak mainly Quechua, and they usually come down to the city for the Saturday marketplace. We chose this day for the ministers’ meeting. They were happy and deeply touched when they learned about the microSD project and new tracts available.

The meeting was held outside under a blue plastic sheet for a shade. It had rained a few days before our visit. It was really wonderful to share the good news with our brothers.

We could see the joy and enthusiasm in their faces as we advanced in the presentation.

Their strength has been renewed now with these new tools to testify and do missionary work in the different towns that have never heard the Voice of God.

They were so happy to receive the microSD cards! They promised to inform their churches and groups about the news and blessings that have come from faraway lands. They felt encouraged to continue in their missionary efforts in the highlands of the ancient Incas.

It was a cool and sunny day. How we wanted to stay a little longer and continue talking about our Father’s business, but we had to leave. It was already late in the afternoon and we had to return to Cusco to continue with our trip.

One thing that we noticed was that the believers were so excited with the new material that they started reading the tracts and even operating the microSD cards in their cellphones to see how they worked. This told us that the Voice of God still stirs the hearts of the believers, and deeply touches the ones that hear It.

Some of my final Comments:

  • We highlighted the importance to maintain a right vision and make good use of these new devices and technology for the work of the Lord.
  • They committed all their efforts to continue working hard to reach the last predestinated soul in this far land. Their desire is to hear the Voice of God resounding in the land of the Incas.

O God, Who knows all things, search our lives this morning. And send us wherever that we could go, that we might find that last one, that the door would be closed and the Shepherd inside with the sheep.

65-0424 One In A Million

True and faithful words from our prophet that resound stronger as the time is running short. Please keep us in your prayers, so the Predestinated Seed comes to life, and we can all go Home to be with our Lord Jesus.

God bless you!

Bro. Sherman Napurí

VGR Peru