The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Father,

Father, it is the greatest privilege that a mortal ever had, was to close his eyes and open his heart, and speak to You.

Truly Father, it is the greatest privilege we could ever do, to speak to You and tell you we love You, to Thank You for all You do for us. To praise You for the Revelation You have given to us.

You also told us, “Ask anything in My Name and it shall be given unto you.”

That was on conditions, if we wouldn’t doubt it.

We don’t doubt it Father, but we believe it with every fiber of our body. We just want to be more like You.

The way that we get what we want, is cry for it. Cry out. Don’t be ashamed. Say, “I’m hungering for God.” Don’t care whether the deacons, pastors, or whatever it is around, scream out, anyhow.

What a privilege it is for us, Your Bride, to come before Your Throne tonight and cry out to You and tell You, “Father, we are hungering for more of You.”

Your Bride

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