Malawi Quiet Time

There are many VGR international offices who are able to supply the youth of their areas with monthly Quiet Time and Bistro events, and the results are always outstanding. Other regions throughout Africa and South America aren’t so fortunate due to their very rural locations. But when word finds its way to the right ears that there’s a group thirsting for such an occasion, things begin to happen.

Brother Saidi, VGR Malawi office manager, received news of one such group in the Central Region of Malawi. He went right to work to obtain the necessary approval, and the plans were set in place. The outcome was astounding!

I wish to report that we had a very successful time with the youth in the Central Region.

It was beyond our expectation. We had planned for 300 youth, but things turned differently; we had over 600 youth that came for the Quiet Time and the Bonfire!

We had to go beyond our planned resources, and went into town to buy more food and drinks to feed all the youth. It was doubling everything.

We were caught off-guard, but it was incredible and overwhelming! The youth were extra happy, and they were blessed.

They're very much thankful to Brother Joseph and all the believers that made this possible, and they're requesting for more. I am receiving very encouraging reports both from the parents and the pastors.

Thank you and God bless you,

Brother Saidi