Goma Missionary Report

The VGR library in Goma was established in 1988, and today the office distributes material throughout much of the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with the countries of Rwanda and Burundi. From January to July of this year, the Goma office has had over 3,100 visitors, passed out over 13,000 Message books, and had 180 new converts to the Lord!

Brother Emmanuel, VGR office manager in Goma, gives us a look at his recent trip to a remote village where many saw a picture of the prophet of God for the very first time. He also shares how an elderly couple being carried down to the river, were baptized in the Name of the Lord. Here is his report.

I had it on my heart to visit this small village of Mungazi, which is located 180 KM away from Goma. This region has been a victim of many armed struggles, but by the Grace of God the local population can now breathe again in peace as the government army arrived recently in the area.

We went there for missionary purposes, and we had a wonderful stay in the work of the Lord. During the service there, we saw the Lord work several miracles with our own eyes, among which many incurable diseases were instantly healed in the prayer line.

Many testimonies were told to confirm that the Lord truly was present with us during the meeting. This was after we heard the voice of the prophet in the sermon “The Godhead Explained.”

After the sermon we immediately started to distribute tracts to the people, and many people rejoiced to see for the first time in their life, the picture of the prophet. The meeting came to an end, and everyone was very happy. The important people of the village promised us their support and encouragement in the work of the Lord, and they even invited us to come back anytime.

On the pictures, you can see the oldest couple of the Mungazi village. The husband is 95 years old and his wife is 90 years old. After they heard the Message of the hour, they both believed and they took the decision to get baptized. Some local brothers transported them on their back to the river, and they both took the decision to follow the Message of Brother Branham until the time they will pass away.

You will also find pictures of the evangelization service, as well as the distribution of the tracts and different healings that occurred after hearing the sermon “The Godhead Explained” in Swahili.

May the Lord richly bless all of you that pray for the missionaries in the entire world.

Brother Kubuya Emmanuel

VGR, Goma Office


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