Philippines Agapao Tablet Distribution

We received the following report from Brother Jeremiah Villagracia, VGR office manager in the Philippines, about the distribution of the Agapao Tablet in the Philippines.

Praise the Lord! We’re so happy to be back on our church-to-church visits for our Agapao distribution after a two-week temporary break when our government re-imposed a more restrictive lockdown last August 4-18 wherein travels to all parts of Luzon were highly restricted.

We are pleased however that before the re-imposed lockdown, we had already distributed a total of 273 Agapao Tablets to 273 believer-families in 13 churches covering the provinces of Pampanga and Tarlac. Although many other parts of Luzon are still closed and social gatherings of more than 10 persons in Metro Manila remain strictly prohibited, the Lord has opened to us certain places outside of Metro Manila where we are more relatively free to distribute the Tablets, especially to churches that are located in rural areas. We also thank the pastors of these churches who bravely gathered their church members for the first time in many months just so that we can distribute to them at once the blessings that they had been waiting for.

We are currently doing the rounds of the Message churches in the province of Bulacan not only in distributing the Tablets but also the Spoken Word books and other Message materials that we still have at the Storehouse. We have thus far visited seven churches in Bulacan and distributed a total of 74 Tablets to 74 believer-families particularly in the towns of San Miguel, San Rafael, San Ildefonso, Sta. Maria, Marilao and one church in Bulakan, Bulacan.

Every time we personally give out the Agapao Tablets to every believer-families in every church that we’re visiting, it makes us think that God truly must be up to something with these Tablets. Thanks to the vision and direction of Bro. Joseph that resulted into this whole new way of distributing the Message. Before, we used to distribute the Message mainly in book form, in text and in a piecemeal way, but now we’re not only giving the entire Message per family but along with It also is literally the Voice, the very Word-sound of the Gospel for our day. Also before, we used to deliver the books to the churches but now we’re personally giving the Message straight into the hands of the believers themselves. All Filipino believers will now have full access to a complete set of Bro. Branham’s sermons in their own homes. Truly, God is accelerating the ripening of the Wheat-Bride as She can now enjoy the benefits of laying in the Presence of the Son, to bathe in His Word daily.



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