Brother Ronald Evans

Brothers and Sisters,

We are so saddened, yet so grateful to our Lord Jesus today. He saw fit to take a great believer and man of God Home this morning, our Brother Ronald Evans.

Ronald gave his life to get the Message into the hands of the Bride. He worked in the Missionary Department for South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, and Mozambique, and other smaller countries in Africa. Those African people truly had a special love for him in their hearts.

The young people looked up to him as a chaperone at Still Waters camp. He was a perfect fit for that, being a great big man whose stature demanded the kid’s respect, physically, yet with such a love for the Lord seasoned in his heart, he displayed a Holy-Spirit filled life, with the Message of the hour being his Absolute. Only Eternity will reveal how many lives, both young and old, our brother has influenced to hold to God’s prophet and His Message with all their heart.

Ronald was the person everyone just loved to be around. He had such a welcome and sweet Spirit, always placing the Message of the hour FIRST in his life.

We thank you, Father, for such a life that you have sent to this earth to be your son, our brother, and such a wonderful example of a Message believer in this day. You felt it appropriate to call your son Home today to be with his grandfather, Brother Welch Evans, his father, Brother Ronnie, your prophet, Brother Branham, and all the saints that have gone beyond the curtain of time. For truly, precious in the sight of God is the death of His Saints.

Until we meet again our brother, in honor of your precious life, we will continue to spread the Message of the hour, which you stood for, until Jesus Comes.