The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Bride,

Whatever we have need of along this life’s journey, This Message provides for us and answers all our questions. Truly, It is our compass that points us to our North Star.

The enemy is constantly attacking us, tormenting us, for he knows that we are the Bride of Christ. But He told us what we must do daily to keep the devil sealed OUT, and Him sealed IN:

That’s what daily keeps the world out of you, is when you pitch yourself on your knees, and say, “Lord Jesus!” And the Blood comes down, and It seals you all up so the devil can’t get you. See? That’s right. See? So then, oh, many times the people go around and say, “It’s awful,” but, that don’t make any difference, it keeps you safe. That’s the main thing, keep safe. Say, “You’re old-fashion,” but, that doesn’t matter, it keeps you safe.

56-0513 - "Teaching On Moses"

What an honor, beyond all honors, to pitch forward and get on our knees, and start speaking to Him, telling Him to seal any cracks we might have and to seal us with His Holy Spirit in our hearts and souls. We look up out of the little window at the top of our Ark and breathe the fresh air of His Holy Spirit, as His Word Ark carries us safely, floating high above any danger.

When the enemy comes smelling around, he’ll quickly go away, for we have ten thousand angels encamped around us to keep us safe. When we get stuck in a whirlpool, we have no fear, for our angels push us right back out into the Main Current.

What a glorious time we’ll have tonight as His Bride from around the world pitches forward to Thank Him and praise Him for His great love to us.

Bro. Joseph Branham