Brazil Cub Day

Our VGR Brazil office has been very active with the older youth in São José Dos Campos over the past few years with Quiet Times and bistros, but they were yet to get all of the younger cubs together. Recently, they met their appointment, and the results were monumental!

Dear Brothers,

Below is the report of our first special moment with the children.

Children’s Time:

On July 8, 2017, we had a very special day here at the VGR Brazil office. We have received the presence of 33 children aged up to 11 years old to spend some time here and know a little more about the work we do for the distribution of the Messages. They were accompanied by their parents or guardians.

We were sure that they were not at all interested in what we do or how we distribute the Messages; but they really wanted to spend a wonderful time in the Lord's presence with other children. Our day started cold, with a shy sun trying to open up, but hiding in the clouds. But the children were not shy at all nor wanting to hide; they really wanted to have fun.

We started at 9 o’clock in the morning, and something very interesting happened: When we asked if any children would pray for us to start the day, many of them raised their hands desiring to pray. This has made us very happy; to see the little ones praying is something that makes our hearts happy because we know they are sincere, honest and pure in their words.

After our prayer, we had a delicious breakfast the way that children like, with hot chocolate, buns and chocolate cakes; it was amazing!

After our breakfast, we put them in line and took them to the office. We went through several rooms and different departments until they reached the stock of messages. There they stopped and saw the amount of material that we have to send to all Brazil. Their little eyes were bright and alert to everything they saw.

Then we went to the drawings with paints. We showed them the picture of the Cloud and instructed them to do the same. We put brushes at their disposal, but they wanted to use their little hands and fingers to paint. From the photos, you will see the way they got at the end of the paintings. We put an assistant brother in charge to warm them up with a blower and dry faster that they could get the job done on time. It was very good because everyone managed to complete their activities, some with better perfection than others. But the goal was to make them understand what they were doing, and we believe that we could pass this on to them.

Almost near the end we distributed some colorful balls and the rush was fantastic! We sang a few songs to the Lord and there was a very special dedication of some children congratulating Brother Joseph Branham and the entire VGR team for their commitment to sending to the hungry souls the Message that God has given us.

At the end the most common question we heard was, “When will the next one be?” Our day was fantastic; we were richly blessed with the children.

We had a very special participation from some volunteers who helped us and donated for the cause.

God has blessed us immensely!

Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for our children, they need a lot, I have a little lion that I am sending to you as a remembrance of this our unforgettable first moment.

Your brother in Christ, Anderson Vieira.

VGR Brazil

God bless you!