God Works On Both Ends Of The Line

Listen, friends. God works on both ends of the line. That same God Who could say to that woman, that Shunammite, the same God Who could speak and say to that woman at the well, “Go, get your husband.” That same woman could touch His garment to turn Him around in that midst of that people; He’s God.

62-0607 Putting On The Whole Armor Of God

A few of our friends down under are spreading the Message into the prisons of Australia and New Zealand. The team is doing their best to show that the Lord is willing to grant freedom, even in the confines of a prison cell. Their efforts are paying off! We received the following testimony from our Australia representative. 

A sister from Australia, inspired by the VGR prison ministry, was burdened to reach out to prisoners in the Oceania region. Over the past few years she has been making contact with chaplains in prisons in Australia and New Zealand, providing contact details to the VGR regional office. Recently, she received a positive response for materials from a chaplain at a prison in the South Island of New Zealand.

A precious brother and one of our volunteer distributors, Brother Basil Vlachakis, who lives in the New Zealand city of Christ Church, had just received a stock of materials from Jeffersonville and was very happy to send the precious life giving resources to the prison chaplain.


We received the following letter from the chaplain that truly shows God works on both ends on the line.

Greetings from the Chaplains,

I am sorry that I have no idea whether you are a man or a woman, so I can not address you appropriately.

But I must tell you of the impact that the small parcel containing the life story of William Branham that you sent us has had.

On receiving your parcel I could not read your name etc. on the back, and I wondered who was sending me material about a man of whom I had no recollection at all.

However, about a week later, after having placed the material on the book shelf in our little Chapel, I was talking with my eldest son who has recently returned from about 10 years in Melbourne, Australia to live with his mother and I.

He made a reference while reading an article on the internet to this amazing man, William Branham.

Immediately I remembered your mail, and on returning to the prison Chapel the following day, I was pleased to find that no one had borrowed the books, so I immediately sat down to read the introduction to Gordon Lindsay’s book.

I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to take the books home, and I did this giving them to my son to read.

He spent every spare moment during the next few days reading the book, and he was absolutely inspired and encouraged by Branham's life story.

I was then laid low with a bad cold, and spent two or three days reading the book myself and I have been inspired and very encouraged myself.

This is the first book I have sat and read from cover to cover for a number of years. What an incredible story and what an amazing man of God Branham has been.

Thank you so much for sending it to us at the inspiration of our wonderful Lord.

Your timing was absolutely perfect as my son had been away from the Lord for a number of years, before coming back (home). The encouragement our son and I received, my wife and I believe was God ordained.

Thank You so much.

May God continue to lead you in the direction He has for you – a very important direction.

Oh, and my son found this email address in the back page of the book.

God Bless You,