Food For The Soul

Now, Father, being that we see across the country, around the world, in Africa, dozens, dozens through South Africa, Mozambique, all across the country, little assemblies taking these tapes. And so will this tape go to twenty-some odd, different nations. They’re beginning to see It and pull away, hundreds and hundreds of them. Won’t take many, Lord. Then when the last member is received into the Body, Christ will come.

Lord God, I’m asking the Bride, tonight, the ones that I feel has pulled away and waiting, may they separate themselves from everything in the world. They must lay in the Presence of the warm Son Light of the Son of God, bathing in His Word, in His love. Grant it, dear God.

65-1125 - The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ

The Zimbabwe team sent the following report of their very first distribution trip of the Shona microSD card in northwest Zimbabwe. After a meeting with the local believers, the joy of receiving this “Little Gem” would resonate in each of their faces, as many would have a full library of Shona translations in their homes for the first time.

Here is their report and video about the Shona microSD distribution.

Although the vast majority of the people in Zimbabwe are conversant in English, there is a significant population that only understands and/or better understands the native language, Shona. It is for these precious souls that God foretold there would be translation work that His predestinated would not be disadvantaged by a language barrier. God went into action to bring His own Word to pass. He instructed the prophet to store up the Food, inspired the scientists, and had technology to advance much faster in the last few decades than ever before in the history of mankind. Then He put a burden on His chosen vessels to begin a work, and some to support a work that would ensure the spreading of this unadulterated Word across the globe to the elect who were hungering for it. God raised up translators with a burden for the work so they could get this Message, unabridged, to their native brothers and sisters; a few cogs in God’s great and highly efficient machine. What was once seemingly impossible to the human mind is now rolling out right before our eyes. To God be the Glory.

One of the most recent major projects in Zimbabwe is the distribution of the microSD card with Brother Branham’s Messages translated into Shona. The first step was to acquire information with details of who would need these and where. The pastors from all over the country have been very keen for the people to get this, and have worked wonderfully with VGR to ensure this happens.

On Sunday we had our maiden distribution trip for translated Shona microSD cards. Being it was the first, we were excited and looking forward to what the Lord had in store. It is a very important and honorable responsibility to place this GEM into the hands of the Bride as they get ready for the going away. It’s not so much, the plastic chip itself, but it's what is on it that is eternally relevant and important.

We drove to service for about an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Harare, and arrived in the mining town of Mutorashanga. We had a wonderful service there with the believers, and at the end one of the VGR staff members was invited to introduce the microSD card with the messages translated into Shona! The announcement was met with readily expressed joy. The excitement was genuine, unquestionable, and noticeable. Although they have regular tape services at church, several of the people came forward to express that they desired to be listening to the Message at home and wherever their means allowed, hence the microSD card was a direct answer to a lot of prayers, even some that had been made that morning, as we later found out in fellowshipping with the believers.

A lot of people in this region have little access to the internet to stream or download the latest translation updates, however they have affordable mobile gadgets and home appliances that can play audio files from an microSD card; this is just what they needed. As the contents of the microSD card were expounded and the reality that each family was going to walk away with one struck, rounds of applause and jubilation filled the air. The people seemed to know the real significance of having this tiny piece of plastic in their possession. Their faith was going to come, by hearing the Word, better preparedness for the coming of the Lord, when the Son of Man comes, He will find Faith. Their hearts would be turned back to the faith of the fathers while they listened to the Voice of the Seventh Angel; all these great things happening in equally great simplicity.

Service was dismissed in a very amicable atmosphere and the saints filed out to greet one another and share a heartfelt God Bless You! The couples and individuals then lined up to fill out a mailing list form. As each couple handed their form over and received the card, they could not hide the gratitude and expectancy they had. Husbands hurried to their wives to show them the treasure their home now had in its possession, many of them immediately put them to use playing the translated files on their phones and mobile gadgets. What a blessing it was to see the bride truly excited about hearing the Voice of the messenger sent to them.

Chivhu and Penhalonga are next up and we cannot wait to get to that portion of His Bride.

In conclusion: Traveling for distribution work and fellowshipping with the people, it’s becoming more and more evident that there is a great need and desire amongst us believers to hear the Message and then to live out that Message as written epistles, read of all men. The calves of the stall are feeding on the stored up Food that God so thoughtfully provided. Old men with tattered Spoken Word books that they’ve cherished dearly and read by candle light over and over. Families with solar powered players listening to translated MP3s, mothers with babies on their backs doing their chores with The Table application and microSD card inserted in mobile gadgets playing a tape, a believer traveling on a bus or airplane with earphones in their ears listening to Elijah. There is definitely something supernatural taking place drawing the Bride from around the world strongly to the original unadulterated Word.

God Bless You

VGR Zimbabwe