How The Candle Got Lit

This brother lives in a very dangerous place for Christians. He has seen people tortured and killed for their faith, but it did not hinder his resolve when he took note of a powerful Scripture outside one little church. Persecutions come in many different forms, but this brother didn’t let it stop his candle from being lit.

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Asif Basharat, and I am 39 years old. I was born in a Catholic family in Pakistan, and I was raised as a Catholic. I did my Masters in Marketing, and I was lucky to have got a job in a bank in my native town, Faisalabad.

Living in Pakistan as a child in school, and then as a youth in college/university, I experienced a mixed kind of attitude. I was refuted as being an equal citizen of the country, and I saw the churches being burnt and people being burnt alive. I always searched for God to give me comfort, peace of mind and a peaceful heart, but I always felt uncomfortable inside. Whenever I went through persecution by the Muslims or saw the churches being burnt, I always failed to understand why all this is happening. I was really confused. I used to go to church, and I also used to read Bible at my home, but I was not comfortable in my life.

It was on a Sunday October 5, 2014 when I was going to my church on my motorbike, I suddenly found myself in front of another church, which is near to my home. I stopped there and saw a verse written on the front wall of the church. The Word of God says,

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Mark 11:24

It was so shocking that I went into the church where I saw this verse and met the pastor. I asked him, “How can I have a belief to receive what I have asked for?” He told me to come in the evening. I was changed. I had many questions in my mind, and when I met the pastor in the evening, I asked him, “Am I a believer?” He told me, “We have to be born again and to accept Him with our free will to believe in Him.” I told him, “I am ready and want to live my life as per God's will.”

He gave me baptism with water, and I asked for God's forgiveness for my past life in which I had doubts on God. Since then I am living a new life and I have peace of mind and heart. Along with my job in the bank, I have started serving His people in Pakistan with the Message. God showed me that when you see Christians being persecuted in His Name, you don’t have to keep silent.

Now I lead a group of God's people and we serve people who are hungry for this Word. We have Bible study groups, we have outreach programs to share His Word and distribute Bibles. We also have orphan care program.

I am so contented for this life now. I praise Lord for His Love for me.

God Bless you from Pakistan.

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