God Will Grant The Rest Of It

It's the parents' greatest joy to see their children walking with the Lord in their lives, but it can be the most difficult trial in life when we see them astray. This mother’s plea for her lost son was answered and the Holy Spirit sent her son back to her through prayer and a request that was spoken 51 years ago.

I thank the Lord for delivering my son, who was born in 1997. He started to show a behavior disorder when he was nine years old. Before that he was a kind young boy, normal in all aspects. Suddenly he became violent, stubborn, and very aggressive. He was listening to no one, parents or teachers. He changed schools several times because he has been expelled from several different locations. He was truly insufferable, like a mad boy, wandering, lost in his spirit.

We prayed to the Lord and my husband asked Brother Joseph Branham to pray for him. We prayed with our pastor and with our family during Quiet Time, but in April 2014, my son found himself on the street, far from the family home. It was so hard for us.

We kept claiming him to the Lord. I filled out a Jesus check that my pastor had given me, and just one or two days later, going about my day, I came in the room where a tape was playing. I heard Brother Branham speak these words:

One thing, you have trouble with your feet. Your feet bothers you. [The woman says, “Yes.”—Ed.] That's right. Raise your…You have a lady's trouble, female disorder. [“Yes.”] And you've got a great desire in your heart, because you've just lost somebody or something. It's a boy, and your boy has left home, run away, and you want me to pray that he'll return back. [“Yes.”] God in Heaven, send her child to her, and healing. Let the Holy Spirit stop that young man on the road tonight, send him back to his mother. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. He Who knows will send him back to you. Don't worry. Believe now, don't doubt. Just have faith, all your heart. You believe, and God will grant the rest of it.”

65-0118 The Seed Of Discrepancy

I said, “Oh Lord! You’re talking to me.”

It gave me strength, and the question was settled. We kept praying, and a few days later, the child was brought back home, just like the Holy Ghost had said. And today, 19 months later, the transformation is real and truly visible. He is truly a good boy, and “God will grant the rest for us.” Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

The words spoken by our prophet 51 years ago are still living today. May the Lord bless you.

Sis. Brigitte