The Greatest Miracle

That’s the greatest miracle that God ever performed, is when He took a—a—a sinner and made a Christian out of us.

53-1111 Preparation

What's more important than the healing of our bodies? The greatest miracle is a soul that was once empty and without God, now bound for Eternity. If you want a tremendous testimony to lift your faith today, then keep reading. 

Last year, in 2017, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Double-Expressor Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is one of the most aggressive forms of Lymphoma, and the prognosis was very grim.

Everything circled is cancer.

My mother is 72 years old, and had never accepted the Message, neither had she been to church in many years. I had lost my dad in 2001, and I knew the heartache and shock of losing a parent, so I went to prayer.

I prayed with all my heart for the Lord to please let me know if I was going to lose my mom, or if He would heal her. I know He heals, but I needed to know His will.

Every time I prayed, I had such a sweet peace come over me, and I felt in my heart that the Lord was going to heal Mom. I didn't want to be mistaken, so I prayed several more times and that same peace would come. I knew then exactly where I stood.

My mother started her treatments at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Newnan, Georgia in July, 2017. I told my mother and all my siblings (who also do not believe) that Jesus Christ was going to heal my mom and that she would not die.

I went even further and told them that I staked everything that I had stood for and believed in for the last 20+ years, that mom would be healed. They all looked at me like I was crazy. They have never believed Brother Branham, and I have many times faced much adversity from them because of my stand and walk with the Lord.

Well, the first chemotherapy treatment almost killed my mom. She spent a week in ICU and her blood was so depleted that it was like water.

They gave her blood transfusions and every vitamin and mineral each day however, the next day, it would go back to nothing again. I must confess, I went to the Lord in prayer, "Lord, I have put myself out on a limb here by declaring mom's healing and it looks really bad." But I would always go back to that peace, and I knew God had to honor faith in His Word.

I kept declaring to everyone that the Lord was going to heal her and that she would be a living, walking, testimony of the grace and healing power of Jesus Christ.

Mom didn't even believe me at first, but I kept encouraging her and talking to her about the Lord. I told her that the earth and sun would disintegrate if she was not healed because God could not lie and if she only believed, she would live.

Well, she recovered after about a week in ICU, but the doctor said that it wasn't good because he couldn't give mom the chemo that she needed. He said he would still do what he could to help her. I thought, "even a greater testimony! God will not share His glory with anyone!"

After the next treatment, the doctor did another CT scan and told mom "as far as I'm concerned, you are in complete remission!" This doctor was from Duke University, and he was so happy and shocked, along with mom and her husband.

Her doctor declared her in complete remission with this scan. He stated that their CT Scanner was so sensitive, it would pick up something off of anyone that they scanned even if they didn’t have cancer.
Her last scan, everything completely normal.

My mom has now been one-year cancer free, and in January of 2018, she was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ and is now attending a Message church.

I am so thankful to still have my mom and to see the Lord changing her almost daily. She is so tender-hearted and just cries and worships the Lord with all her heart. Even her longtime friends are telling her that she is different.

The Lord still performs miracles in the face of all unbelief and mockers. My Lord Jesus Christ is mighty in battle! If He did it for me and my mother, He will do it for anyone.

Sister Karen


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