The Little Things

That’s the promise. He promised it, so He just can’t take it back. It’s a place of refuge for our sickness, for our worries. “Cast all your cares upon Him; for He cares for you.” It’s a refuge. Trust in His Word, His promises. Every promise that He made belongs to you as long as you’re in His Kingdom. As long as you come to Him for refuge, then you have a right to every promise that He made. Every Christian in here, or anywhere else, has a right to anything that Christ died for. And when you’re in Christ you possess the whole thing. It’s all yours. That’s exactly right.

62-0518 Letting Off The Pressure

Yes, the Lord Jesus cares about the little things in our lives just as much as He cares about the big things. Whatever need we have, day or night, He is always ready to be our refuge. Here is another one of those testimonies that should never be overlooked.

I love hearing these testimonies of how the Lord Jesus helps with things great and small.

This story reminds me of a few years ago a similar situation. I’m on my own so I’ve learned to do a lot of upkeep around the home myself.

My furnace was making a funny noise, then it quit. I knew nothing about furnaces so I called in a furnace guy the next day. He showed me a little piece that he replaced and handed me the bill. It must have been made of gold as it cost me nearly $200.00.

That was my grocery money for most of the month. Well, the next winter was a cold one. Up here in northern Canada when your heat goes off, it’s like being outside in an hour.

I had just gotten to bed and I heard that noise again, and the furnace wouldn’t click on. The fan kept running then nothing, my furnace was off again. I got up and prayed for the Lord's help and got back into bed.

I told the Lord, “You know I have no extra money to fix this again, please help me.” After about 20 minutes, I heard the furnace start with its usual sound.

That was about three years ago and the furnace is still fine. I’m so blessed to have the Lord Jesus in my life.