Ivory Coast Report

To many of us, there are few things greater than placing the Word of life into the hands God’s children. Brother Eric Samu, VGR office manager in the Ivory Coast, shares with us a special day at the office in Abidjan. There are an estimated 500 Message churches and 24,000 believers among the population of just over 20 million people in that country. 

Saturday, July 30, was a special day for us at the Abidjan office. We distributed the microSD cards that were received from the VGR Kinshasa office. We also distributed the booklets received from the Jeffersonville headquarters through the Ghana office.

In the last batch of booklets received were included 10 new French translated titles, among which were: The Reproach For The Cause Of The Word, Taking Sides With Jesus, Identified With Christ, and The Way Of A True Prophet. Twelve brothers and sisters came to help the VGR Abidjan team with the distribution of these materials.

On this day we opened the office at 7:30 am and we started the distribution at 10:00AM. The brothers and sisters came early that day and enjoyed watching the videos about the ministry of Brother Branham and the impressive work of printing and distribution of VGR in the USA and throughout the world.

Before the distribution started, we sang two songs and prayed. Brother Eric Samu, of VGR in Ivory Coast, spoke for about 10 minutes to greet the many attendants who came and to present the microSD cards to the brothers and sisters who were there. Brother Eric also took the opportunity to briefly describe the Agapao Tablet project.

The brothers and sisters were very happy to hear about the Agapao Tablet and they expressed their happiness with shouts and clapping. The attendants specially thanked Brother Joseph for thinking of them by producing a tablet which the battery is among the best in the world and which the glass of the screen is hardly breakable.

For the entire day we distributed Message-filled microSD cards to about 230 people. The booklets were given to representatives of churches on our mailing list as well as to the new church that registered this day. It was a day full of non-stop work, which ended at 5:00PM. We received a total of about 450 people in our office.

We have scheduled another day of distribution in a few weeks to distribute our remaining microSD cards to the children of God in Ivory Coast.

We want to finish this report by especially thanking Brother Joseph Branham and all our brothers and sisters in America, including those throughout the World who support this work, allowing millions of believers in the world to have access to God’s Word just as it was preached in this end time. Only Eternity can reimburse you for what you do.

Brother Eric Samu

VGR - Ivory Coast



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