The Heavens Came Down

If you regularly read this website, then you see quite a few reports concerning the microSD cards. These little gems continue to change the face of much of our missionary work. The amount it costs us to produce one microSD card is about the same as to print 40 sermon books. However, instead of 40 printed sermons, the card can hold all the translated audio in that language, at least one year of additional English audio, all the sermon PDF files in both English and that language, pictures, Message Search software, and even more. Plus, shipping is much faster and far less expensive. They get an entire Message library all in one tiny little chip. Big things certainly come in small packages!

The following is a distribution report from Brother Wontumi, VGR office manager in Tema, Ghana. He and his team recently traveled to a place where local churches had gathered for the arrival of their priceless gems, and the JUBILEE was on!

Here is their report:

The place is called Manya-Jeorpanya about 20 kilometers from Tema and 50 kilometers from the capital city, Accra.

The people are predominantly peasant and cash crop farmers, and some farm mango and cashew plantations for a living. The Message believing church in this place has a congregation close to 40 and are a humble people that love the Lord and this Message.

Brother Bernard Tei is the pastor and all I needed to do was to tell him about the good thing that was coming their way. As a step forward in that same direction, Brother Joseph has again, in his desire to ensure believers in Ghana get a good supply of stored up Food has come around with the free supply of microSD cards to all household family members with the means to listen, like android phones, tablets, and computers. This free gift ensures that recipients have in their possession all stored up messages of the prophet that could be read in the PDF format, and that could also be listened in the audio format.

Brother Bernard was informed about this and was told to invite all near by churches about the blessings coming their way. And soon about 10 smaller churches close by were briefed and expectations went high as eager brothers and sisters got anxious, looking forward for the day.

On the eventful day at about 3 pm, it happened and the brethren with joy and high expectation, and with a lone trumpet man, sang, thanked, and praised the Lord to herald the coming of the team from the Ghana VGR office in Tema. The distribution team went on behalf of VGR, and also on the behalf of the good people that support the work. To all of you who read this, the Bride in Ghana are truly thankful.

The people could not hide their joy and appreciation to their benefactors who have made it possible for them to have these priceless devices by which they could access all the messages, the stored up spiritual Food, to read and listen. It was such a glorious day as they came together in joyful worship and praises.

In all 167 cards were given out that day.

Gratitude to the Lord God and all that made the occasion and the gifts a possibility To God be the GLORY.

Brother Wontumi

VGR - Ghana