How the Candle Got Lit

Some of us were born into believing families, others came in through witnessing a miracle, some through a testimony, and others through a tape or tract. The Lord has a special path for each of us. Brother Sanjay experienced what looked like a horrible tragedy in his life, but in the end, the darkness was turned to Light, and his candle was lit and burning bright for all to see.

Here is his testimony.

Dear Saints in Lord Jesus Christ,

I want to share a wonderful testimony of a brother who is bedridden from 12-13 years. His name is Sanjay Awate, lives in Pune, India. This brother had a terrible accident when he was 30 years old. He had major injuries to his head, which blocked his veins and thus the lower part of his body stopped functioning since then.

Brother Sanjay was not a Christian at the time, and was in deep pain until he realized that there is a true living God. After spending 8 to 9 years on his bed, some denominational Christians met him and told him about the Bible.


Brother Sanjay started reading the Bible, and also took the trinity baptism, but God had another plan for him. Brother Rajive, who is from Punjab and a Message believer, got in contact with Bro. Sanjay on the internet.

Brother Rajive fellowships over phone with some brothers, and he added Bro Sanjay in these fellowship calls. Brother Sanjay started attending these conference calls on daily basis. Surprisingly, the Holy Spirit led Brother Sanjay and he accepted the Message of the hour. And then he asked the brothers to come and baptize him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We (the local Message church) came to know from Brother Rajive that there is a soul wanting to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So finally, Brother Rajive arrived to Pune with two other brothers, and we joined them to witness this marvelous event. We went to a nearby river and 4-5 brothers picked Brother Sanjay and the pastor baptized him. Praise be to God.


Though he has not yet received his healing, he is happy and praising God all the time. We could not see any discouragement on his face. He also shares Word of God with people who come to meet him. The denominational brothers who used to come to him, have gone away as Brother Sanjay questioned them about the Message of the hour.

I request Brother Joseph and everyone who is part of the bride of Christ to join us in the prayer for Brother Sanjay. May the God who raised Lazarus from the dead, raise our Brother Sanjay from his bed and make him a living testimony for others.

God bless you,

You brother,