The Little Things

Why is our “The Little Things” article so popular? We all know that the little things will eventually turn into big things, all we need to do is have faith. Like Abraham of old, it doesn’t matter how bad things look, we can rest assured that the Lord will come on the scene at the perfect time.

This young sister lost something that was important to her. It may not have had any monetary value, but the real value was the prayer that she brought before the Lord. She knew that her Friend would not let her down, and like always, He was ready to answer prayer. 

I would like to testify of how God helped me find something of mine today. Lots of people probably don’t think a bracelet is much of a deal when you lose it, but this past Friday, it was a big deal to me.

I had received the friendship bracelet about a week before, and loving it so much, never really took it off except to shower. I had some friends over for a sleepover Thursday night, and the next day (Friday) we all went on a long two-hour walk down to a provincial park nearby.

About two minutes away from home, I, looking down, discovered it was gone from my wrist. I started to comb the area retracing my tracks home, praying constantly with no results. I got really down thinking about all the forested long paths I walked on and how hard it would be to find it.

But I knew I just needed to trust God and He would help me know where to look. One of my friends, realizing I was down, told me she was sorry, but I responded that it was okay, I’ll find it. He always helps me find lost things.

I retraced the whole walk with my mother and two sisters the next day, still praying I knew God was able. It was a hard walk though, because the whole walk I was in a mind battle with the devil. He kept beating me up that it was impossible, or "You told your friend that you were going to (find the bracelet), were you lying, will you find it?"

By the time I got home, I was almost in tears reciting over and over in my mind, "With God all things are possible."

After that I still kept my eyes open for it, but asked my friend to send another one, which was really hard to ask.

Then today when I really wasn’t that cold, I decided out of all my sweaters, to wear my blue one. As one arm went in, then the next, and the bracelet literally fell on my hand!

I ran to show my mother, friends, dad, and five siblings. None of them seemed to have the joy that I felt though bubbling up inside. I just can’t help smiling thinking how He ALWAYS answers, and how yet again, I have the victory over the devil.

So, I hope this is somehow encouraging to a sister or brother out there.